Industrie 4.0 bij KUKA

Industrie 4.0 at KUKA

Industrie 4.0 will have the same disruptive consequences for industrial production as the Internet has had for communication. That is why, for some years now, KUKA has been pushing back the frontiers in the future-oriented fields of human-robot collaboration (Cobotics) and mobility. Mobile cobots already respond intelligently to their surroundings and are suitable for universal operation. The robotic coworker is reality at KUKA.

KUKA robots: “Industrie-4.0-ready”

In addition to the functions of normal industrial robots, the next generation of intelligent machines is endowed with all the capabilities that characterize cyber-physical systems in the Internet of Things. Moreover, they incorporate additional intelligence, enabling them to control their motions with greater precision, for example. KUKA calls robots with these capabilities “Industrie-4.0-ready”.

The vision behind the next industrial revolution networks humans and machines in production and requires maximum flexibility of systems. For many years now, KUKA has been working on realizing this vision – and is at the heart of the action: intelligent machines, such as cobots and platforms that only distantly resemble our image of industrial robots, already exist. They collaborate directly with humans, or they are mobile, or they combine both of these capabilities. And they use knowledge from the cloud.

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