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Aluminium tube racks

Aluminum welding

As a material, aluminum has many advantages in processing, but demands special knowledge and skills. At KUKA, we are the perfect partner for implementing complex welding procedures such as aluminum welding. We accompany you throughout the entire process and equip you with robots, welding cells and appropriate software.

Robot-based welding of aluminum components 

Aluminum is a lightweight material that is indispensable in modern manufacturing. In comparison to other metals, aluminum has a lower density and thus a lower weight, but also a very low melting point. Compared to steel, aluminum has four times the thermal conductivity and twice the thermal expansion. The oxide layer that aluminum forms on the surface in combination with oxygen (air) can be problematic for welding.

This is exactly where KUKA comes in as your trustworthy partner in automation. We possess many years of experience in the field of automated welding. We equip you with the necessary robotics solution and offer you comprehensive services for optimizing your welding processes. From MIG and TIG welding to spot welding and on to laser welding and brazing, our broad portfolio covers virtually every process.

Welding aluminum: quicker, easier, further

Aluminum offers high strength in relation to its density, which makes it a popular material for lightweight construction. This property makes the use of aluminum interesting for practically every industry:

  • Automotive industry

    • Body
    • Hoods
    • Chassis
    • Tailgates
    • Doors
  • Transportation and traffic industry

    • Aircraft
    • Rail vehicle construction and streetcars
    • Bicycle and motorcycle frames
    • Commercial vehicles (body structures such as platform gates)
  • Electromobility

    • Heat exchangers

    • Battery compartments

    • Chassis

Aluminum welding system from KUKA - simple processing with top quality

Thinking about the future: welding at extremely high temperatures, with a wide variety of gases and a perfect aluminum weld seam - KUKA robots can do it all.

Make us your port of call for your welding production

From robots for arc and laser welding to robots for friction stir welding and on to complete production cells: we offer all you need for welding aluminum.

Would you like to automate your production with aluminum components?

We are happy to advise you.

White Paper: Welding aluminum? No problem! Score high now in production for electromobility.

Due to its ideal combination of strength and light weight, aluminum – unlike steel – plays an important role in electromobility. KUKA makes you fit for the technological transformation towards electromobility. The battery compartment example shows how industrial robots enable the production of aluminum components to the highest quality standards.

Read about what is important for aluminum welding.

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Outsource the production of aluminum components

Contract manufacturing of individual workpieces in any size for friction welding