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Official KUKA System Partner

KUKA further expands its partner network

Since April 2018 is GDO B.V. an official KUKA System Partner.

29 May 2018

Since April 2018 is GDO B.V. an official KUKA System Partner. The company from Eygelshoven has approximately 90 employees and is mainly active in the automotive, pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.

KUKA often cooperates with experienced partners in order to optimally help their customers with their automation concepts. By joining forces, a lot more resources and especially know-how become available for the customers. This collaboration allows KUKA and their partners to help customers much more quickly and, above all, much more efficiently.
Logo Official KUKA System Partner GDO
Since April 2018 is GDO an Official KUKA System Partner 
KUKA and GDO B.V. have had an excellent relationship for several years. For KUKA it was therefore a logical step to nominate GDO as their new System Partner. KUKA knows from its own experience that GDO stands for quality and they help their customers optimally. For GDO it was also an easy decision. The cooperation between KUKA and GDO is very pleasant, according to Sander Besseling, Project Manager at GDO. KUKA supports GDO in selecting the right robot and helps to perform 3D simulations. KUKA also shares its own experiences with projects and often gives us good tips and advice. This enables us to help our customers as optimally as possible in their automation projects. The quality that KUKA offers with its robots is also widely known. Our customers often know beforehand that they choose a good investment with a KUKA robot. It is not for nothing that orange is the colour of the Netherlands, concludes Sander Besseling.