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The innovative 3D virtual showroom from KUKA: experience medical robotics for yourself

Welcome to the new 3D virtual showroom from KUKA Medical Robotics! Experience our robots in action – and move freely through the showroom with just a few clicks. In doing so, learn about their properties and discover how diverse the range of applications is in medical technology.

July 21, 2021

Look over the robot’s shoulder as it provides support as a component of a medical device during the treatment of a patient – this is possible immediately in the new 3D virtual showroom from KUKA. Everything is modeled after an operating room in which three animated robots are located. With just a few clicks of a mouse – or by using your Android smartphone – move through the virtual environment and get acquainted with various applications. For example, observe an animated LBR Med during a biopsy or watch how an imaging system equipped with a KR QUANTEC captures images of a patient. This patient is lying on an operating table which is held by another KUKA robot from the KR QUANTEC series and is thus freely movable.

Quickly and easily see what KUKA robots can do

Get a close-up look at robots that is usually reserved only for doctors or specialist medical personnel. In addition to the animated applications, clicking on the touchpoints on the robots will provide you with further information about possible applications, USPs and references from KUKA partners. Videos also help you gain a quick and uncomplicated insight into the robotic possibilities of medical technology and discover the world of medical robotics for yourself.

Obtain further information about the robotic possibilities of medical technology by clicking on the touchpoints.

KUKA Medical Robotics: small selection from the wide variety of applications

The 3D virtual showroom shows an impressive selection of the possible application areas in which the KUKA team can provide support. In addition to robots for holding heavy medical equipment or carrying patients, the Medical Robotics division from automation specialist KUKA also offers a collaborative, sensitive robot: the LBR Med. It is specially certified for use in medical devices. Once KUKA customers have integrated the robot into their medical devices, the robotic system is used by medical professionals, for example, as an assistant in diagnostics, surgery and therapy. With more than 20 years of experience in medical technology and automation expertise, KUKA Medical Robotics supports the integration and use of robotic components in your medical device.