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Three things we look forward to in 2023

There is a lot to celebrate.

Carolin Hort
4 January 2023
Reading Time: 1 min.

KUKA is always reinventing itself. So there is never a dull moment. So this year, there are things we are particularly looking forward to. Three highlights:

KUKA becomes 125 

In 1898, Johann Joseph Keller and Jakob Knappich founded "Keller und Knappich Augsburg". The acetylene gas plant soon develops further - in addition to municipal vehicles, the portfolio also included typewriters, for example. But also welding technology, with which KUKA continues to set standards to this day. Then came the robots in the 1970s - KUKA developed the world's first industrial robot with six electromechanically driven axes. Today, the company is an internationally active automation group with sales of around EUR 3.3 billion and around 14,000 employees. That's what we're celebrating!

A KUKA multi-spot welding transfer line from 1956. 

50 years of KUKA robots

FAMULUS was the name of the first robot with which KUKA made history as a robotics pioneer in 1973. Today, 50 years later, it is impossible to imagine the production halls of this world without robots. 

With the FAMULUS, KUKA made history as a robotics pioneer. 

Robotics and automation is simple and intuitive

KUKA has been making life and work easier for people for exactly 125 years. We are consistently pursuing this path. Our mission until 2030: Automation becomes simple and intuitive. And thus available to everyone. We will continue to work on this in 2023, for example with our iiQKA operating system, which makes it easy to automate production, handling and testing processes without any programming knowledge.

iiQKA - Robots for the people: Automation is simple and intuitive.

KUKA Mission 2030

Making automation easily available to everyone

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Manager Corporate Communications

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