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Robotics ambassador

Augsburg, December 21, 2011 – During European Robotics Week, which ended a few days ago, the aim was to interact, understand and most of all, make friends with robots

21 December 2011

As coordinator of the euRobotics project, KUKA played a major role and appeared in schools, kindergartens, on the radio and Internet, organized a drawing competition for children and hosted an evening event called "Journey through the history of robotics". And that wasn't all. 

Over 125 institutions, universities and companies from seventeen European countries were contacted regarding the euRobotics project. Together they sponsored more than 340 events and activities dealing entirely with robotics in seven days. KUKA alone launched over fifteen initiatives aimed at explaining to people the important role of robotics in society. The company served as an ambassador and sent volunteer employees to give presentations at schools and kindergartens. These reached more than 1,200 children, and a corresponding number of fine works of art depicting "Robots of the future" were submitted for the event's drawing competition. Many of the schoolchildren's ideas came from "Karl", the new mascot teaching more than 2,000 children about robotics in KUKA's coloring book. Seven classes from secondary schools and Augsburg University, a total of 210 pupils and students, visited the manufacturing facilities and heard presentations from the company's developers, who later also spent a lot of time answering questions. There was lot to talk about at the evening event that followed, during which over 110 people embarked on a "Journey through the history and future of robotics" at KUKA College. The robotics week was kicked off on Germany's "hitradio RT1" by "youBot", which, together with Daniel and his morning team, provided lots of fun for about 71,000 listeners. Anyone who wanted to not only hear but also see a robot in action was able to tune in to a live transmission on the Internet of an industrial robot working in a test cell.

About european robotics week

European Robotics Week is an initiative of the euRobotics European research project. One objective of this project, largely initiated by KUKA, is to raise awareness of the variety and quality of European robotics in research and development as well as in production and the service sector. The first European Robotics Week is thus intended primarily to enhance the public image of robotics and allay people’s fear of robotic technology.

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