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Focus on Automation of Electronics Industry: KR 3 AGILUS Debuts at CIROS 2016

CIROS 2016 was grandly held in Shanghai on July 6, 2016, and KUKA appeared at the exhibition with several robot applications for hot high-tech industry. KUKA displayed its application in electronics industry based on its world-class intelligent technology.

27 September 2016

On July 6, 2016, Shanghai CIROS 2016 was grandly held in Shanghai on July 6, 2016, and KUKA, a globally leading manufacturer of industrial robots, appeared at the exhibition with several robot applications for hot high-tech industry. KUKA grandly launched its latest robot product KR 3 AGILUS during the exhibition and revealed its new achievement of exploration and innovation towards more fields to the visitors through keyboard test application workstation and recreation application unit demonstration. Furthermore, KUKA’s star product man-machine interaction robot LBR iiwa displayed its application in the electronics industry at detection pad application workstation of exhibition site.

KUKA's Booth at CIROS 2016

As China’s first and sole all industry chain professional exhibition in robot field, CIROS not only attracts the attention of main brands in domestic and foreign robot industries but also is the focus concerned by robot user industries and buyers around the world. By virtue of CIROS platform, KUKA displayed world-class intelligent technology at Booth 3H-A158 of National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), which adds new power to the fast-developing electronics industry.

Keyboard Test Application Workstation of KR 3 AGILUS R540

KR 3 AGILUS robot developed recently by KUKA adopts 6-axis lightweight design, with a maximum load of 3kg, a maximum operating range of 541mm and a repeat accuracy of ±0.02mm. It was made for the electronic industry which pursues the shortest cycle time and maximum production, and helps customers achieve the best return on investment.

Compact unit design and diverse installation modes of KR 3 AGILUS are especially suitable for products which need to be produced in narrow space. In keyboard test, combined with accurate positioning, its robot end integrated with high-performance six-axis force/torque sensor, can rapidly acquire force and displacement data on the end, which is more efficient and intelligent. KUKA applied its professional knowledge and skills to intensive production unit of the electronics industry and redefined robot technology standard of 3kg load.

KR 3 AGILUS interacted with the visitors

Recreation Application Unit of KR 3 AGILUS R540

In another robot workstation, KUKA displayed recreation applications of the same new robot. Compact size structure, small floor area, built-in drag chain system, protected port on mechanical arm and minimum interference outline of KR 3 AGILUS can ensure flexible movement in limited space. By virtue of these excellent characteristics, KR 3 AGILUS becomes the best solution to mini type workpieces and product manufacturing and is widely suitable for assembly, pickup, placement, screw joint, welding, bonding, packaging, detection or inspection and other application of small components.

As one of the most rapid robots at its load level, KR 3 AGILUS can create the most value in the shortest pitch time. No matter which position that customer hopes to place it and how long the cycle time is, KR 3 AGILUS can always exert the best using effects and the highest operating precision.

LBR iiwa Detection Pad Application Workstation

There is also the well-known KUKA man-machine interaction robot LBR iiwa on exhibition site, which shows outstanding performance of 7-axis robot to audiences in detection pad application workstation. It can accurately insert audio cable through automatic search, click Home key through accurate controlling force to achieve startup, and stroke to unlock and click video play with the touch pen, thereby finishing detection process of electronic products and fully displaying that high accuracy integrated sensor can achieve accurate force control.

LBR iiwa opens a new chapter of the direct collaboration of human and robot through advanced robot technology of KUKA. It plays a role of “the third hand” of the operator, and can directly collaborate with the operator without safety fence. It frees operators from tasks which are painstaking and don’t conform to ergonomics and is of high security.

With the change of production mode of Chinese manufacturing industry to flexibility, intelligence and refinement, the need for the establishment of new manufacturing system taking intelligent manufacturing as fundamental characteristic are urgent, the demand for industrial robots becomes increasingly stronger, and the requirement for robot quality becomes increasingly higher. Rapid product upgrade, short production cycle and flexible task demand of the electronics industry put many constraints on the application of automation equipment. As a rising high-tech industry, the electronics industry urgently needs to promote customized smart solutions. KUKA provides power for promoting increased intelligence of the electronics industry with world-class industrial robot innovative technology, and is about to open a new chapter of industrial development!