KUKA Coaster: 6-axis robot as an amusement ride

A ride on the KUKA Coaster is an absolute adrenaline rush. The 6-axis robot spontaneously turns in all directions – the passengers never know what is going to happen next. Select the most thrilling action ride from a range of programs: pure entertainment for your passengers.

KUKA Coaster: always new motions

The KUKA Coaster is a 6-axis robot with a gondola for two people mounted on its arm. Benefit from the freely programmable combinations. Unlike a conventional roller coaster, the KUKA Coaster always has a surprise in store for its passengers.

Safe 6-axis passenger-carrying robot

Safety is the top priority. The KUKA Coaster was the first industrial robot ever to be licensed to carry passengers, and certified by the German technical inspectorate TÜV as conforming to EN 13814 (DIN 4112). It thus meets all relevant safety standards.

The robot has been reliably designed for you:

  • structural components and gear units are 100 percent certified
  • Mechanical stops for the safety of your passengers
  • Non-stop electronic monitoring
  • Up-to-date safety: the latest generation of the KUKA Safe Operation technology package
The KUKA Coaster consists of a 6-axis robot with a gondola for two people.

6-axis robot as an amusement ride: the KUKA Coaster

The KUKA Coaster offers high-speed action rides consisting of wild rotations and spectacular loop-the-loops.

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