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KUKA omniMove drive technology

The KUKA drive technology is based on the Mecanum wheel and gives your vehicle unlimited maneuverability. The products from KUKA with omnidirectional drive can move in any direction from a standing start, achieving full freedom of movement in 360 degrees.

KUKA omniMove drive technology: unlimited maneuverability

The omnidirectional wheel technology allows the vehicle to move in any direction. The wheel consists of two rims and nine free-running rollers, which are mounted at a 45 degree angle. The wheels move independently of each other, which means that the vehicle can move not only forwards and sideways, but also diagonally and in a circle. The entire wheel is driven by an electric motor, and it is available in four different sizes.

The KUKA omniWheel is made for quick mounting and dismounting with just two screw connections per roller.

Advantages of the Mecanum wheel technology from KUKA

  • Space-saving technology and virtually unlimited movement possibilities
    You save space for logistics and have more space for your production. The Mecanum wheel technology makes the KUKA solutions with omniMove drive technology far less limited than conventional mobility solutions and allows them to integrate seamlessly into the existing production operations.
  • Lower construction and maintenance costs
    KUKA Mecanum wheels do not require any floor work whatsoever, and they do not cause additional wear.
  • Highest precision
    The KUKA omniMove drive technology achieves an accuracy of up to +/- 5 mm.
  • Made for quick installation and removal
    The KUKA design enables the individual rollers to be replaced directly on the vehicle in just a few minutes, without having to remove the entire wheel.