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Submerged-arc welding

Submerged-arc welding (SAW) is an arc welding process. It is especially suited for plate thicknesses between two and 100 millimeters. SAW is typically used in the heavy metal industry. 

Submerged-arc welding: the technology

Submerged-arc welding is particularly efficient and economical with thicker plates and long welds. And because submerged-arc welding has a very high deposition efficiency, it is used primarily in shipbuilding, the railroad industry and the construction of wind turbines.

When using submerged-arc welding, the workpieces are welded together using an electric arc. What makes this process unique is the coarse powder that is automatically fed into the process. This powder is melted by the arc. The liquid slag forms a layer on the liquid metal, protecting it against harmful environmental effects.

Automated submerged-arc welding

We have been integrating submerged-arc welding in various manufacturing processes for many years: from rail vehicles to various applications in steel, container and commercial vehicle construction. We will select just the right option for you too depending on your requirements. Whether single-wiredouble wire, or tandem welding.

Submerged-arc welding: the advantages

In addition to the high deposition efficiency, submerged-arc welding has the following advantages:

  • Minimal emission gases
  • Excellent gap bridging
  • High welding speeds
Become a KUKA customer and automate your production with our industrial robots for submerged-arc welding. Give us a call to discuss just the right solution for you.