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KR SCARA robot


Strong, fast, highly efficient. Whether small parts assembly, material handling or testing - the ultra-compact KR SCARA robots deliver maximum efficiency and economy right from the start. With a variety of integrated media supply systems, they can handle almost any task out of the box.

What does SCARA mean and what makes this robot type special?

SCARA is an acronym and stands for Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm, it is an industrial robot with 4 axes. It consists of a serial mechanism with rotational joints in the first two axes. The two remaining axes are combined and allow both rotation and linear movement in Z-axis. The SCARA works much faster compared to other 6-axis robots and at the same time the programming of the arm is very simple.

KUKA SCARA robots designed for maximum efficiency in all parameters

The KR SCARA robots make automation easier and sustainably more economical, even in extremely cost-sensitive markets. Equipped with intelligent features, KUKA offers you a uniquely attractive overall robot package in its class: light and slim, with a payload capacity of 6 kg, yet extremely fast and powerful.

  • Shortest cycle times

    Peak value of up to 0.36 sec cycle time for 500 mm and 0.38 sec for 700 mm range

  • Low TCO

    • Low maintenance
    • Low energy consumption
    • Low investment costs
  • Safe and reliable

    • System with new KRC control guarantees high reliability
    • Certified for high safety in working environment and meets CE requirements
  • Ultra-compact

    • Compact design with low weight
    • Minimal footprint 
    • Fits into tiny work cells

Ultra-compact KR SCARA robots tailored to maximize your production performance

The arm of the compact machine features high repeatability, large work envelope, high payload and fast cycle time.

KUKA SCARA robots for assembly and joining tasks and pick-and-place applications

 The KR SCARA has an internal media supply system for air, power and data. This is a complete robotics package for smart integration of peripheral devices and rapid adaptation of the SCARA robot to almost any application. Whether small parts assembly, material handling or testing – the KR SCARA robots are flexible in installation, highly precise in their movements and easy to maintain – a real plus for end users.

6 - 6 Load capacity [kg]

500 - 700 Reach [mm] (arm length)

KR SCARA Robot: Advantages

More performance at an attractive price

6 kg load capacity, highest precision, short cycle times and low weight at a favourable price

Adaptable to any task

Media supply in a complete package to quickly adapt the robot to almost any desired application

Robust in the working environment

Can be used in the entire temperature range between 5° and 40° Celsius, IP protection class 20

Easy and quick integration

Prepared ex works to integrate peripheral devices safely, quickly and easily.

Certified quality

Internationally certified according to EU standard

Trusted User Experience

Easy integration into existing production processes due to existing experience with our robotics portfolio, one operating system for all KUKA robots.

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KR SCARA Robot data overview

KR 6 R500 Z200 KR 6 R700 Z200
6 kg
6 kg
Maximum reach
500 mm
700 mm
Construction type
Version environment
Mounting positions
Protection class
IP 20
IP 20
Data sheet
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