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KUKA Hygienic Oil (HO) portfolio conquers the food industry

With food-compatible H1 lubricants in all axes, KUKA robots in the “Hygienic Oil” (HO) variant meet the high requirements of the food industry for hygienic handling with no compromises. KUKA not only supplies the perfect ingredients for maximum efficiency, but is also the only vendor in the world with a portfolio of this breadth.

Safely lubricated: industrial robots with NSF H1 class food-grade oil in all axes

KUKA takes a consistently holistic approach.All axes of the HO robots use food-grade lubricants, as does the energy supply system, which scores with food-safe NSF H1 greases. This provides consistent H1 lubrication (NSF approved) throughout the entire process chain – not only in production machines and conveyor systems, but also in the robots themselves. Any contact between HO robots and food products is harmless to humans, and the light gray surface of the machines easily reveals contamination.

No sources of contamination – handling, packaging and palletizing in the secondary sector

The secondary sector of the food industry maintains very high safety standards and technical requirements for robots. In part because of the use of food-safe lubrication, the KUKA Hygienic Oil (HO)portfolio meets the hygiene requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and DIN ISO 14159. With areas of application are as diverse as the KUKA automation portfolio itself, these robots also offer potential applications beyond packaged foods: for example, for processing chocolate and baked goods.

  • Food safety

    • NSF H1 lubricants in all axes
    • Energy supply systems with NSF H1 cable greases
    • Safety class IP 65/IP 67 and IP 65
  • Wide range of applications

    • Processing foods
    • Handling foods
    • Food packaging with foil
      or in cartons
  • Simple maintenance

    • Maintenance intervals identical to those of standard KUKA robots
    • Reduces the risk of using incorrect oil

Wide-ranging product portfolio of Hygienic Oil (HO) robots meets all needs

Payloads from 3 to 240 kg for additional weight requirements

    Payload: 3 to 6 kg, Range: 600 to 1,200 mm

    Rapid speed with maximum accuracy. The standard version of the KR DELTA (protection class IP 67) is ideal wherever maximum productivity and hygiene are required. It scores with speed and precision in pick & place tasks as well as in packaging and sorting. The consistent use of NSF H1 lubricants makes the high-speed robot particularly suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The KR DELTA robot is perfectly suited for ISO Class 4 cleanrooms.

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    Payload: 6 to 10 kg. Reach: 900 to 1,100 mm

    The small power pack (protection rating IP67) is designed for maximum working speeds. Thanks to various installation positions, the hygienic robot with NSF H1 lubricant or food-safe grease provides flexible support for handling and pick & place tasks in the food industry. It is also available in the “Waterproof” or “Hygienic Machine” variant. The KR AGILUS CR is suitable for use in cleanrooms and meets the requirements of cleanroom class ISO2.

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    Payload: 20 kg. Reach: 1,810 mm 

    Greatest power density in the low payload category: the KR CYBERTECH HO is specialized in handling applications, for example in sorting bread and filling transport boxes. The separate cable set and energy supply lines for the robot are equipped with NSF H1 lubricants. 

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    Payload: 10 kg. Reach: 1,440 mm

    With a minimized interference radius, the KR CYBERTECH nano handling robot has one of the smallest in-line wrists in its class. In the “Hygienic Oil” variant, this robot is thus ideally suited to handling dry foodstuffs. For example, it packs bags of sugar precisely in cartons and brings fresh breakfast rolls to the table. With a repeatability of 0.04 mm, it can exploit its technical strengths to the full, even at high speed.

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    Payload: 50 kg. Reach: 2,100 to 2,500 mm

    Workspaces in the foodstuffs industry are often limited. The KR IONTEC HO impresses with the lowest space requirements in its payload category. As an all-rounder, it is a worthwhile investment in the future of your production: sustainable cost-efficiency, maximum flexibility – particularly due to its reach of up to 2,500 mm. Thanks to its digital motion modes, you can adapt the robot’s performance to various processes or specific substeps in the food industry. It also cuts a fine figure when it comes to palletizing.

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    Payload: 120 to 240 kg. Reach: 2,700 to 3,100 mm

    The KR QUANTEC HO impresses with its wide range of variants. This includes both the long reach (up to 3,100 mm) and the spectrum of payloads between 120 and 240 kg. The power pack is suitable for handling heavy containers or packaging units. In addition, it can relieve employees in the food supply industry of heavy physical labor, for example when handling rolls of food film. In short, the KR QUANTEC HO offers maximum flexibility in operation as well as in cell and system planning.

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    Payload: 140 to 240 kg. Reach: 3,200 mm

    The palletizing robot with NSF H1 approved lubricant meets all the automation requirements of today’s beverage and food industry: minimum space requirements, short cycles and low operating costs – with a wide range of variants. It effortlessly stacks flour sacks, food cans, beer crates and water bottles – while also being a real asset for palletizing fruit and vegetables. The KR QUANTEC PA operates with maximum precision even under extreme conditions: in the Arctic version it can withstand operating temperatures as low as -30°C. 

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