The software package enables you to configure packing patterns, slipsheet stations, palletizing and depalletizing tasks in an easy and user-friendly manner. If desired, you have full access to even the smallest detail.

A strong duo: KUKA.FlexPal Editor and KUKA.FlexPal RT

The software consists of the configuration tools KUKA.FlexPal Editor and KUKA.FlexPal RT.

The Editor allows you to define packages, pallets, grippers (including sections), slipsheets, layer patterns and stacking plans. Optionally, there are expansions available for workspaces, fetch motions and retract motions.

KUKA.FlexPal RT is the KUKA Technology Software (KTS) which supports simple configuration and programming of palletizing and depalletizing applications on the KR C4 robot controller.


KUKA.FlexPal enables the definition of palletizing applications to the very last detail.


  • Packages, slipsheets and pallets can be freely defined
  • Three gripper types are available: suction grippers, fork grippers, jaw-type grippers

  • Layer patterns can be defined manually

  • Suitable for all palletizing and jointed-arm robots

  • Simple operator control

  • Flexible expansion possible through KRL programming

System requirements for KUKA.FlexPal

  • KR C4 robot controller
  • KUKA System Software 8.2 or 8.3
  • KUKA.UserTech 3.2
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