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KUKA Future Survey: Is Germany prepared for the working world of tomorrow?

New technologies are changing our working world: more and more people are coming into contact with digitalization and automation in their jobs. But are future employees sufficiently equipped for this? The majority of Germans say no. This was revealed in a representative Civey survey commissioned by automation expert KUKA.

November 2, 2022

Analyzed and visualized data, networked machines and modern, automated systems help to make production more efficient, to counter the shortage of skilled workers and to secure companies’ competitiveness – especially in high-wage countries. The majority of Germans are convinced of this as well. A full 61.7% of those surveyed believe that new technologies are an opportunity for Germany as a business location.


According to the respondents, this also has implications for coming generations of employees: the survey shows that 70.6% believe that robotics will have an impact on employees’ everyday work in all industries and sectors in the future.


How will we live and work in the future? We have to ask ourselves this question today. Artificial intelligence is already making strong inroads into our everyday lives. More and more people will be working with new, digital technologies in the coming years. Robotics is becoming more intuitive and easier to ac-cess, which offers great opportunities – and not just for experts.

Peter Mohnen, CEO KUKA AG

However, are the talents of tomorrow also well equipped for these new requirements? The majority of Germans take a critical view of this. 76.7% believe that children are not prepared adequately at school for a working world with new technologies; among the age group between 18 and 29, more than 95% of respondents share this opinion. And 56.9% would be in favor of a greater focus on technologies like robotics or artificial intelligence in the curricula of all schools in Germany. 

How can young talent be inspired to take up STEM professions? What opportunities are there to incorporate new technologies like robotics into the classroom? And what examples do we already have of this today? KUKA is addressing this with events and campaigns throughout November under the slogan #TechMeetsTalent.

Technology meets Talents

The KUKA theme month at a glance 

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