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KR DELTA Hygienic robot

High-speed robots in the hygienic machine variant for handling and picking of small parts in a range of industries including food, pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Hygiene at a high level.
KUKA DELTA robots are designed for use in highly sensitive conditions.

Thanks to its stainless steel body, the KR DELTA is ideally equipped for hygienically sensitive areas, such as direct contact with food, medicines or electronic components.

The robot's corrosion-resistant stainless steel shell is designed according to German LFGB and US FDA food standards and also meets European CE certification, American UL certification and German TÜV safety function certification. The robot is protected against dust and moisture according to IP 67 protection class and can therefore be cleaned under high pressure and with alkaline or acidic cleaning agents.

KUKA DELTA robots are perfectly suited for pick-and-place tasks in the high-speed sector, including the food industry.  

With high speed and precision, DELTA kinematics is especially suitable for sensitive industries such as food, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

First-class values for safe automation and sustainable profitability

The robot is controlled by KUKA's new KR C5 micro robot controller, which saves almost 35% energy compared to the previous generation, while requiring less space and offering greater safety. This also has an impact on performance; with a cycle time of up to 0.5 seconds, the combination of KR C5 micro and KR DELTA is perfectly suited to handling tasks, for example in the food industry. With encapsulated gears and ball joints made of self-lubricating material, the KR DELTA is particularly low-maintenance. 
  • Hygienic 

    • Made entirely of stainless steel
    • Easy to clean and to disinfect
    • High protection class IP 67 for the entire robot and IP 69K for axis 4
    • Temperature and corrosion resistance
  • Certified Safety

    Safety of materials for the food sector certified according to international guidelines

    - GER LFGB
    - US FDA

  • High precision

    Precision in gripping and placing objects as pick-and-place robots
  • Favorable operation

    • Low energy consumption
    • Low-maintenance

3 - 3 Payload [kg]

1200 - 1200 Reach [mm]

Delta-Robots as a hygienic machine: design, functions, advantages

High flexibility 

The KR DELTA is suitable for various fields of application, from pharmaceuticals to electronics.

Large workspace

The industrial robot operates reliably in a cylindrical workspace with a height of 250 mm and a diameter of 1,200 mm.

Flexible flange

The flange of the KR DELTA is suitable for mounting a wide variety of tools.

High speed

The KR DELTA enables extremely short cycle times of up to 0.5 seconds.

Small footprint

The ceiling-mounted robot has an installation area of 350 mm in diameter.

Easy maintenance

With an encapsulated gearbox and ball joints made of self-lubricating material, the KR DELTA is particularly low-maintenance.

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Software and hardware as a perfect complement for KUKA DELTA robots

With flexible DELTA robots and matching hardware and software, KUKA offers cost-effective solutions for automated picking and packing. The robots can also be seamlessly integrated into all known KUKA software packages - from KUKA.PickControl to KUKA.VisionTech. With a special software, up to 10 robots can simultaneously perform the same or even completely different tasks.  Requirements such as material sorting, packaging, palletizing and assembly are only a fraction of the possibilities offered by KR DELTA robots.

Application package with KUKA DELTA robot for picking, packing, palletizing in the food industry

In the Hygienic Machine variant, the KR DELTA achieves maximum hygiene levels.

Technical data and facts about the KUKA DELTA robot


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KR DELTA Hygienic robot data overview

KR 3 D1200 HM
3 kg
Maximum reach
1200 mm
Construction type
Version environment
Hygienic Machine
Mounting positions
Protection class
A4 IP 69K
IP 67
Data sheet
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