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KUKA robot saws wooden stools

The unadulterated brand experience: That is the goal of the BMW Brand Store in Brussels. A KUKA robot, equipped with a chainsaw, is the highlight attraction of the current exhibit.

3 listopada 2014

At the heart of the exhibit is the presentation of the new 2 Series Active Tourer vehicle. A BMW model that, first and foremost, is aimed at two groups: families and nature lovers. The BMW Brand Store in Brussels is, however, not a retail store. Situated prominently in the city center, the goal here is not sales, but experiencing the BMW brand.

To this end, the exhibit as well as the design change every three months. For the presentation of the 2 Series Active Tourer, the focus was placed on outdoor scenes characterized by nature and recreational experiences. The target audience of this current BMW storyline: persons leading an active lifestyle who value outdoor activities and a sense of community.

KUKA robot moved into live action display 

Nestled in outdoor scenery, a KUKA robot moved into the live action display area in September. Equipped with a chainsaw, the goal was to combine classic outdoors activities with innovation and technology. New target groups should be reached and through the extravagant installations valuable customers are intended to be pulled into the store. The robot catches the eye as people walk past the display window. Particularly when the robot is in action. Positioned inside a glass case, it saws two three-legged stools from a single log. It requires about 15 minutes completing these two pieces of furniture.

The feeling of the outdoors in the BMW brand store

A log, a chainsaw and a robot fit into the current store design very nicely. Real trees have been installed in the store. The natural look is rounded off with many small wooden cases that function as presentation boxes or planter boxes. The wood used comes from the sustainable forests of the Echtwald company and will be reused after the demonstration. The robot performance itself was developed by Tom Pawlofsky within his teaching activity at the Karlsruhe College of Arts and Design.

The produced stool named “7xstool” was developed in cooperation with Tibor Weissmahr. The robot has already completed more than 100 stools since the start of the exhibit. The robot will be in action in the BMW Brand Store in Brussels until the end of November. The furniture completed by then will be reused. They will be placed as props in the winter exhibit starting at the end of November at BMW Welt in Munich.

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