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Ten KUKA robots on tour in Europe with Stromae

"Alors on danse" has brought him worldwide fame. Now Stromae is continuing his Multitude tour in Europe from March to December 2023. Also on stage: Ten KUKA robots that move oversized LED screens. A video that has now been released shows how this spectacular stage set came about.

1 March 2023

"The stars of this show are obviously the robots," Stromae pointed out in an Instagram video in July 2022, "they were the main inspiration of this show." Ten robots – five hanging from the ceiling, five standing on the floor – shape the show with their choreographed movements. So sometimes all the screens join together to form a kind of giant canvas, then again they form an arc of images around Stromae and his musicians or shine down on them from above. Video sequences can be seen on them, as well as light installations and a Stromae avatar that dances in sync with the living model

On tour through Europe from March to December 2023: Stromae has ten robots from KUKA on stage with him on his Multitude Tour, moving oversized LED screens. © PHOTOS LYDIE BONHOMME / Mosaert

On his YouTube channel, Stromae has now published a video showing how the partnership between the artist’s creative label Mosaert and KUKA came about. The video highlights the contrasts of dazzling, international stage shows and German mechanical engineering with a wink.

Multitude Tour through ten European countries

KUKA is the exclusive partner of the Multitude Tour. March 4 marks the start of the 2023 concert year for Stromae and his crew in Bordeaux, which will take them through various cities in France and to other European countries. There are local dates in Belgium in Brus-sels and Rotselaar, in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, in Switzerland in Geneva and Basel, in Germany in Cologne and Berlin, in Great Britain in London and in Italy in Rome. In 2022, the musician from Belgium has already toured the USA and Canada, among other places. One highlight were his sold-out performances in New York on two consecutive evenings at Madison Square Garden. The KUKA robots were also on stage there.

March 4 marks the start of the 2023 concert year for Stromae and his crew in Bordeaux. © PHOTOS LYDIE BONHOMME / Mosaert

Robots are assembled and disassembled more than 90 times

By the end of his two-year Multitude Tour, the robots will have been set up and taken down more than 90 times. It happens that the stage set is dismantled in less than 24 hours and reassembled in the next concert city. This is only possible if both the robots and the entire team in the background are flexible. The KUKA subsidiary in France did most of this job behind the scenes. They advised the artist in advance, gave the whole plan the necessary structure and are now the first point of contact when the robots need servicing. Always on hand: two more KUKA robots as replacements and KUKA system partner Vendôme Robotics from Paris, which acted as integrator for the program-ming and choreography of the robots with their oversized LED screens. 

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