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Automated guided vehicle systems

Intelligent intralogistics is the moving element of the fourth industrial revolution and key to making production more flexible. KUKA develops and integrates automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) for barrier-free, versatile and flexibly expandable networking of your production and warehouse logistics.

Making industrial production processes more flexible

Digital change, global competition and increasing variant diversity with fluctuating solution sizes demand flexible production. Key factors for meeting these requirements are the connectivity and flexibility of industrial production processes. IIoT and autonomous conveyor systems are important drivers in this context, breaking up static production structures and enabling fully automated, flexible and versatile intralogistics concepts. KUKA develops and integrates intelligent automated guided vehicle systems that make the intralogistics of your production fully automated, flexible in terms of location and scalable.

Advantages of intelligent, automated guided vehicle systems from KUKA

As one of the world's leading automation specialists, KUKA supports manufacturing companies in the holistic optimization of their value added with fully automated, automated guided vehicle systems. Intelligent, intralogistical conveyor systems are revolutionizing material flow through transparency and flexible control.


Advantages of intelligent, automated guided vehicle systems from KUKA

Reduction of investment and operating costs

The artificial intelligence-based guidance system KUKA AIVI navigates the AGVs on ad-hoc calculated routes for maximum efficiency and utilization. This allows the number of AGVs used to be reduced. As a result, investment and operating costs can be significantly reduced.

Faster commissioning

Virtual picking solutions allow line processes of AGV-applications to be simulated and emulated. This allows picking processes to be optimized. Furthermore, virtual trainings can reduce the error rate during picking.

Reduced reaction times

By using KUKA AIVI, our intelligent guidance control, which controls the automated guided vehicles within the production environment, the material flow becomes locally flexible and transparent. This allows a quicker response to changing demand, more precise scheduling and the accuracy of deadlines.

Reduction of transport damages & failure rates

The use of driverless transport systems enables barrier-free transport routes and improved safety in production. The safety features of AGVs and their navigation by the intelligent control system KUKA AIVI reduce transport damage and failure rates. This significantly increases the flexibility and efficiency of your production.

The complete range of services from a single source

KUKA offers a comprehensive scope of supply for the integration of automated guided vehicle systems - from hardware, through the master controller KUKA AIVI and integration services, right up to servicing. We advise you and develop innovative intralogistics solutions for the individual requirements of your production. From consulting, project management and design to commissioning, KUKA is your reliable partner for intelligent mobility concepts.

  • Intelligent control system

    KUKA supplies KUKA AIVI, a control software based on artificial intelligence. It manages the communication between the production components and enables the customer to view, monitor and control the status. On request, we can also integrate third-party software for optimum control of your intralogistic conveyor systems.
    We supply KUKA AIVI, our intelligent software for controlling your production processes.
  • Integration Solutions

    As one of the leading automation specialists, KUKA applies its comprehensive automation and digitization know-how worldwide and holistically optimizes the added value of industrial production. KUKA designs, plans and implements intelligent, automated guided vehicles ystems for the flexibilization and optimization of industrial production processes.
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  • Automated Guided Vehicles

    The central element of the driverless, in-plant conveyor system is the master controller, which controls one or more automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and thus makes the material flow within a production facility locally flexible and scalable.
    Discover the product portfolio of automated guided vehicles from KUKA.
  • Services

    Speed, reliability and predictability are crucial for flexible intralogistic production processes. KUKA guarantees the best service and highest service quality for efficient production processes. We offer global sales and spare parts availability, customer support, on-site support and remote service. Learn more about maintenance contracts and possible operator models.