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KUKA College Portal: book seminars simply online

KUKA College offers you and your employees a comprehensive and individually tailored training program – in many different countries. In the KUKA College Portal, you will find detailed information about all courses and can book them directly online.

March 12, 2018

Well-trained employees are a major success factor for companies. The KUKA Colleges offer you and your employees a high-quality training program in which theoretical and practical elements are intelligently combined.

Convenient booking via the KUKA College Portal

Are you looking for training courses? Do you wish to find out about their contents and book them directly? If so, simply use the KUKA College PortalIn the online catalog, you will find around 200 seminars in 14 countries. You will also have fast access to all important information about seminars and events: from contents and target groups to venues and dates or prices and available places.

Highly satisfied with training courses and KUKA College Portal 

The courses are aimed at different target groups: system operators, service technicians, programmers, design engineers and managers. Training participants have shown themselves to be highly satisfied with the quality of the seminars. Customers are also positive about the option of booking via the online portal and describe it as user-friendly, clearly laid out and self-explanatory.

With the KUKA College Portal, we can provide our customers with detailed information about our seminars and an efficient means of booking

Miklos Loerinczi-Karn, Head of Training - Region Germany