Our family of KR QUANTEC PA robots are the fastest, strongest and most precise palletizing robots on the market. Invest in maximum compactness and top process efficiency.

The palletizing robots of the KR QUANTEC PA family meet all of today’s automation requirements: minimized space requirements, shorter cycles, maximum availability and low operating costs. Thanks to their slim design, these five-axis robots can reach stack heights of over 2,500 millimeters. The hollow shaft with a diameter of 60 millimeters allows for protected routing of the energy supply.

120 - 240 Payload [kg]

3195 - 3195 Reach [mm]


Excellent cycle times

If you compare cycle times, it is one of the fastest palletizers on the market. The KR QUANTEC PA has a constant throughput rate, even with short cycle times and a full payload.

Small interference contour

All QUANTEC PA robots have a hollow-shaft wrist, enabling the energy supply lines to be fed through the hollow shaft, thus saving space. This streamlined, light and compact design ensures that the interference contour is small and the gripper interface is optimized.


With its narrow base frame and small footprint, the KR QUANTEC PA requires very little floor space. This opens up the possibility of innovative cell concepts for palletizing tasks.

High-precision operation

The KR QUANTEC PA has been developed specifically for demanding palletizing tasks. Its strength and dynamism enable it to stack multiple pallets to a great height with great precision.

Arctic variant of the KR QUANTEC PA

The KR QUANTEC PA can perform palletizing tasks quickly and precisely even in ice-cold temperatures. Thanks to the Arctic design, it needs no protective suit. Its immunity to temperatures well below zero makes it a palletizing professional in the food sector. The KR QUANTEC PA Arctic can even work with the utmost precision at minus 30 degrees Celsius. Its great reach allows for short cycle times and high flexibility when stacking and setting down items in a frosty environment. 

Find out more about the Arctic variant of the KR QUANTEC PA here

With the KR QUANTEC PA Arctic, stacking is even straightforward in a frosty environment.

KR QUANTEC PA at Fachpack 2015

The KR QUANTEC PA Arctic was presented for the first time at the Fachpack 2015 trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany.
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