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KUKA Toledo Production Operations - KTPO

KUKA Toledo Production Operations is located at our 335,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Toledo, Ohio.

Body in white plant for Jeep Gladiator & Wrangler bodyshells

About KTPO

The KUKA Toledo Production Operations (KTPO), a wholly owned subsidiary of KUKA Systems North America LLC, has built all of the body-in-white Jeep® Wranglers sold in the world – both the classic two-door and the four-door Wrangler Unlimited models – since it began operations in 2006. Since 2019 it produces the body-in-white of the Jeep® Gladiator. Body-in-white is the first shop in the manufacturing process that welds the vehicle together.

In designing and equipping KTPO, KUKA Systems created a showcase for its expertise in welding, joining technologies and systems integration.
KTPO produces the unpainted vehicle body - (828 jobs per day), or one every 77 seconds - which is mated to the chassis frame during final assembly. Assembling the body-in-white involves welding the underbody, windshield and closures together, which enables KUKA Systems’ to showcase its best-in-class, automated metal joining technologies developed primarily for customers in the automotive sector and in use in assembly plants worldwide.

Day in, day out, KTPO underscores how KUKA Systems can implement a state-of-the-art body shop that meets the most demanding benchmarks for quality and efficiency in the automotive industry worldwide

Larry A. Drake, President and CEO, KUKA System Group

Quick facts

  • A vehicle body comes off the production line every 77 seconds
  • Over 828 vehicles are produced every day
  • KTPO has produced nearly 2 million vehicles in the last 10 years
  • KUKA linked the plant’s 259 robots and 60,000 other devices with powerful back-end monitoring systems and a master data management system

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