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Additive education cell with One Off Robotics

KUKA Edu_Additive

A mobile, all-in-one training cart in partnership with One Off Robotics that provides fast and flexible training for robotic additive manufacturing. The KUKA Edu_Additive is ideal for schools, universities and company training.

Optimally learn the basics of robotic 3D printing

The Edu_Additive training cell is perfect for fast, precise and efficient education and production.

The mobile, all-in-one training cell is perfectly suited for entry into the world of additive manufacturing. Learn robotic programming for 3D printing of complex components, parts and structures. The Edu_Additive includes the KR AGILUS, offering the speed and accuracy an industrial robot. Complete with entry-level curriculum and support from One Off Robotics

Whether you're an educator, student, or industry professional, our mobile training solution empowers you to delve into the realm of 3D printing and robotics with ease.

Robotic Education Cell for 3D Printing
Pre-configured education cell ready for immediate use. 

What advantages does the KUKA training cell offer?

  • User-Friendly

    • Preconfigured and ready for operation
    • Including example programs and exercises
  • Flexible

    • Suitable for a variety of tasks
    • Varying levels of difficulty
    • Scalable solution for minimizing initial investments
    • Interfaces to external systems possible
  • Agile

    • Supplementary application and option packages to adapt the cell to your level of training
    • Second application surface for individual tasks
  • Space-Saving

    • Fits in any training room
    • Mobile cell with castors
    • Fits through standard doorways and in typical passenger elevators

Training cell features

  • Automatic bed leveling
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning
  • Filament detection
  • Active print cooling
  • Quick release print bed
  • Works with any 2.85mm filament
  • 1kg/hr Extruder
  • Fits through any 36" door
  • Compatible with any robotic path planning software

What is Included


Curriculum Overview

  • Basics of Robot Operation
  • Introduction to Parametric Modeling in Grasshopper
  • Path Planning and Programming
  • Introduction to Additive Manufacturing


Download Brochure

Download the informative product flyer to learn more about the KUKA Edu_Additive training cell.
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