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Kunststofverwerkende industrie

Efficient automation in the plastics industry

With robots from KUKA you profit from greater efficiency, greater cost-effectiveness and greater flexibility. Start laying the groundwork for future-oriented automation solutions.

Rethinking efficiency: KUKA automation in the plastics industry

KUKA robots in the plastics industry stand for efficiency and speed.

KUKA robots in the plastics industry

KUKA provides a wide range of robots specifically designed for operation in the plastics industry. They are primarily characterized by four properties that are essential in this industry:

  • Lightweight:
    KUKA shelf-mounted robots stand out for their low weight and small volume. They can be installed directly on machines with minimum effort, thereby saving space.
  • Fast:
    Thanks to their low moving mass, KUKA shelf-mounted robots achieve a high dynamic performance and very short cycle times. This enables higher productivity and cost-effectiveness with rapid payback.
  • Reliable planning:
    KUKA robot families have an identical mounting base hole pattern. This allows different KUKA shelf-mounted robots to be used on machines of different sizes without any additional planning measures.
  • Deep reach:
    KUKA shelf-mounted robots are designed for an especially large downward reach. They optimally access the workspace from above. Thanks to their low height, they require little vertical space.

Kunststofverwerkende industrie
KUKA offers a broad spectrum of robots that are perfectly suited to the plastics industry.
  • KR 3 AGILUS series:
    The KR 3 AGILUS permits automation in cells with dimensions of just 600 x 600 millimeters. Thanks to its intelligent design, it is cost-efficient, requires minimal maintenance and is extremely reliable.
  • KR AGILUS series:
    With more twelve-inch cycles per minute, they are masters of speed. The robots are also available as Waterproof variants.
  • KR QUANTEC K series:
    KUKA shelf-mounted robots are designed for an especially large downward reach. They optimally access the workspace from above.
  • KR 30/KR 60-4 KS series:
    With its long streamlined arm, the KR 60 L16-2 KS is the perfect robot for confined workspaces.
  • KR CYBERTECH nano series:
    Precise, compact, flexible and installed in the smallest of spaces, the KR CYBERTECH nano is ideal for handling and continuous-path applications.
  • KR QUANTEC series:
    The intelligent payload and reach intervals of the KR QUANTEC series allow for simple, safe and cost-effective robot integration for a payload range from 90 to 270 kilos.

E-book: How to remain competitive in plastics processing through automation

Find out how especially medium-sized companies in the plastics processing industry remain competitive through automation and digitization of the manufacturing process – whether it's handling, loading and unloading of injection molding machines or machining components.

Flexible and scalable solutions for the plastics industry

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Mastering automation easily and safely

Intelligent robotics from KUKA also means that the integration, programming and control of the technology are kept as simple as possible. Operation using KUKA.PLC mxAutomation is considered to be a real game-changer. It enables safe and error-free work with automation solutions using a sophisticated concept that requires no extensive training or in-depth specialist knowledge.

Familiar interface for fast programming

KUKA robots perform processing tasks like plastics machines – and can be programmed like them in G-code (DIN 66025) thanks to the KUKA.CNC interface. Users understand it immediately. They can create programs using a CAD/CAM process chain and, after simulation, execute them on the robot without having to compile them into the robot language. Tool radius correction, sister tools and many other familiar CNC functions are already included.