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KUKA Picus 2

With 8-20 kN forge force, the fully automated single-head friction welding machine is the smallest modular machine in the machine portfolio and stands out due to its top performance as well as a diverse range of components thanks to the integrated handling robot.

Highly productive and versatile

The standardized, fully automated friction welding machine KUKA Picus 2 offers innovations for small-scale parts. This new machine generation, as successor to the customized KUKA RS 2, has a modular design and is a true all-round solution for various friction welding processes. In addition to the welding of valves for internal combustion engines, the field of application extends beyond the automotive industry to new applications in e-mobility and general industry. Picus 2 offers outstanding economic efficiency and maximum versatility through integrated robotic automation.


Convincing advantages of the KUKA Picus 2

  • Individuelle Komplettlösung

    Top performance

    • Fully automatic loading and unloading
    • Use of tried-and-tested technology modules such as the HNC process axis
  • Einfache Bedienung

    Simple and ergonomic operator control

    • Improved access thanks to new design
    • Lightweight operator doors & large workspace
    • Intuitive operator control via a touch panel with a state-of-the-art graphical user interface
  • Genauigkeit

    Flexibility due to handling robot

    • Enormous expansion of the component spectrum for a wide range of applications and industries
  • Quality monitoring

    • Monitoring by KUKA PCD (Process Parameter Control and Documentation)
    • Reduction of downtime due to automatic offloading of rejected parts
  • Servicefreundlichkeit

    Improved component handling

    • Optimum integration into the production workflow
  • Einfache Installation

    Simple installation

    • Plug & play solution
    • Quick installation and relocation thanks to integration of the hydraulic power pack and control cabinet into the machine
  • Low space requirements

    • Compact machine with a footprint of just 4 m²
  • Industrie 4.0

    • Extensive sensors for monitoring the machine and the welding process
    • Availability of data via standardized interfaces for evaluation in the cloud 
    Industrie 4.0 SmartProduction

Energized by intelligent automation.

KUKA will accompany you along every single step in the electromobility process chain. From battery module & pack assembly lines to rotary friction welding equipment for the manufacture of battery contacts or battery housings with robot-guided friction stir welding, and from robotic systems for assembly and quality inspections with leak tests to the installation of battery packs in electric vehicles. As a reliable partner for all leading OEMs, KUKA bundles synergies from its expertise in mechanical engineering and new digital solutions for efficient and intelligent automation in the field of electromobility.

Discover KUKA’s range of services in the field of intelligent automation for electromobility:

  • Battery module line

    Prismatic, pouch or cylindrical: irrespective of the battery cell form, KUKA develops process-reliable and dependable battery module assembly lines for high-voltage energy storage systems for subsequent installation in battery packs. From pre-assembly to insulation and bracing, and from the assembly of electrical contacts, boards, sensors and end plate to the inspection station.

  • Electric motor assembly

    The manufacture of electric motors is an established technology. Nonetheless it produces some major challenges for manufacturers. For the use in vehicles, a high level of automation of the production systems is required. Moreover, the associated production processes are subjected to the most stringent quality requirements. KUKA develops and implements turnkey, modular assembly lines for electric motors: from design and planning to final implementation and integration in your production environment – scalable from small to large-series production. In order to ascertain the optimal quality of your assembled motors and powertrains, KUKA also designs and implements all required inspection and measuring systems.

  • Sealing of electronic modules by means of extrusion

    Automation solution for the direct application of extruded, endless sealing profiles onto components

    For the sealing of electronic modules, for example, KUKA develops flexible automation solutions that apply endless extruded plastic sealing profiles directly onto the desired components. Depending on the customer’s specific sealing task, KUKA provides the most appropriate robot-guided extrusion process to ensure greater flexibility, shorter cycle times and thus more cost-effective production.

    Learn more.

  • Axle module assembly

    The chassis of electric vehicles with independent front and rear axles is increasingly being developed as a fully integrated electric axle drive system. This is delivered directly to the production line and installed as a complete module. This reduces weight, installation space and production costs.

  • Battery pack line

    The assembly process for battery packs begins with the provision and preparation of the housing components such as the tray and frame. The cooling systems are then assembled and thermal compound or gap filler applied. The individual battery modules are inserted into the pack housing and fastened. This is followed by the electrical and thermal integration, cover installation and quality and safety testing of the battery pack.

Further options for friction welding with Picus 2

  • Facing for component preparation
  • Removal of the weld flash by turning or punching
  • Component and customer-specific clamping tools
  • Sensitive process axis with 12 kN forge force
  • Active Travel Control (for minimizing length tolerances)
  • Automation with cell interface
  • OPC UA interface for I4.0

The new KUKA Picus 2 is a solid investment for the future, since it is versatile and based on the state-of-the-art control and process technology of the larger Genius product family.

Till Maier, Portfolio Manager for Advanced Welding Solutions

Perfect welding and easy handling thanks to innovative operation 

The intuitive user interface stands out through


Documentation of the welding results by means of database, printer or PDF export

Parameter profiles

Graphical representation of current and archived parameter profiles

Control & monitoring

Control and monitoring of all parameters of the welding process in the millisecond range

Quality management

Full traceability via data matrix code. Weld data are assigned to the individual components.

Program management

Management of up to 1,000 welding programs

Presentation of values and status

Display of the actual values and parameters as well as the current status in plain text

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