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KUKA at K 2019

At K 2019 in Düsseldorf, KUKA is presenting numerous solutions for the automation of plastics production – from the new generation of the KR QUANTEC series to robotic cells and Industrie 4.0, as well as a solution that makes it even easier to program your industrial robot.

Visit us at K 2019: Hall 12, Booth B35

The plastics industry is booming – and must nevertheless face up to certain challenges: higher energy prices and limited access to raw materials necessitate greater productivity. One promising approach is to increase its efficiency through a higher degree of automation. KUKA is presenting various solutions in response to these challenges at K 2019 from 16 to 23 October under the slogan “industrial intelligence in automation_products and expertise for the plastics industry”.

Robotic cell for injection molding: “flexobot” masters manufacturing processes 

The flexobot robotic cell from robomotion is a compact and flexible automation system for the removal of injection molded parts. Thanks to the flexible system concept, the cell can be used as a powerful solution for handling tasks at the injection molding machine. It can also be converted in a very short time and put into operation in a new location. Beyond this, further processes – such as the welding, assembly or checking of components – can be integrated directly through the use of the 6-axis jointed-arm robot. The flexobot particularly shows its strengths with smaller and medium production volumes. At the heart of the robotic cell for injection molding is a KUKA KR 10 R900-2 robot from the KR AGILUS series. 

The flexobot robotic cell is a compact and flexible automation system for the removal of injection molded parts.

KUKA robot automates machining process at a digital printing machine

In the fully-automated robotic cell from DP Solutions, a KUKA robot automates the loading and unloading process at a digital printing machine. The cell is extremely flexible with regard to the workpieces that can be printed: from plastics and coated materials to stainless steel and glass – digital printing in the robotic cell is always carried out with the utmost quality. The fully-automatic printing cell particularly proves its strengths when there is a large mix of components and materials. This is because the robot is able to handle different workpieces.

Cooperation between the robot and the digital printing cell enables the unmanned processing of printing tasks.

Robotic extrusion: KUKA enables a flexible process with robotic solutions

Robotic extrusion enables the automatic extrusion of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). A KUKA KR 120 R2700 extra HA robot moves an extrusion nozzle along the workpiece, extruding the sealing profile at exactly the intended position. The combination of robot motion and flow rate of the TPE means that the profile is created and simultaneously joined to the workpiece. In this way, robotic extrusion boosts efficiency while the high precision of the robot reduces material requirements.

At K 2019, KUKA is presenting solutions for the challenges of the plastics industry.

KUKA is presenting an all-rounder for plastics processing in the form of the KR QUANTEC 

The new KR QUANTEC stands out for its quality, reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. From loading and unloading to adhesive bonding and machining – the all-rounder is the best-in-class solution for the plastics industry. The KR QUANTEC is also the world’s first industrial robot to feature digital plug-in motion modes. These software add-ons optimize the movements of the robot – for example, by increasing the path accuracy or adjusting the speed.

An all-rounder for plastics processing: the new KR QUANTEC.

Perform precise laser cutting and perforation of plastics with the KUKA laser robot

The laser cutting option from KUKA is ideal for the automated 3D laser cutting and perforation of plastics. For this, a KUKA robot such as the KR 6 R2300 laser CO₂ is equipped with a CO₂ laser. The advantages offered by the robotic laser cutting of plastics are the cleanly cut edges, the high process velocity and the optimal material utilization. As a turnkey solution, the laser cutting option features the required peripheral equipment and is immediately ready to use.

Experience “easy-to-program” robot programming

Robot programming need not be as complicated as often assumed. At K, KUKA will be demonstrating what the combination of intuitive operation and suitability for industrial use can already look like today. With KUKA.IconProg, it is precisely the small and medium-sized companies with less experience of robot programming that now receive an intuitive alternative to the conventional KRL programming language. The system operator selects the appropriate building blocks from a library of more than 600 functions and assembles them in a graphical sequence diagram. In this way, even complex tasks can be programmed in a very short time. Visitors will also experience the KMP 1500 mobile platform as well as innovations from KUKA subsidiary Visual Components and the field of Industrie 4.0

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