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KUKA.UserTech – optimized communication between humans and robots

Software expansion with a user-friendly interface greatly simplifies the configuration of robot controllers – and enables easy creation and use of application commands.

12 January 2023

KUKA.UserTech simplifies the interaction with your robot technology

With a user-friendly interface (UI) for efficient KUKA.UserTech software, users quickly equip complex routines in the KUKA robot language (KRL) with simple inline forms and status keys via an editor with the graphical user interface (GUI). Create application commands – for example, as status keys for individual applications or as scripts for entire operating sequences – in KUKA.WorkVisual.

Even users who are new to UserTech can set up the robot controller easily on their HMI via inline forms, status keys, buttons and messages created in KUKA.WorkVisual.

Status keys - buttons on the smartPAD - enter frequently repeated commands quickly and easily. Offered as templates, inline forms are predefined input masks that allow for trouble-free use of KRL routines.

UserTech thus provides enormous time savings: Users can configure the robot controller in a few steps and quickly ready the robot for operation.

Intuitive user interface for faster start-up 

The KUKA.UserTech interface provides an excellent user experience (UX) through a software solution with an intuitive editor. On a computer, users quickly and easily create configuration files through Drag&Drop on the editor's standard user interface. This UX design eliminates the need for Intervention in the KRL.

Commands then transfer as option packages to the controller's smartPAD. This avoids introducing errors through copying at the user interface – and, just like that, the robot is ready for the application.

The user simply transfers the configuration files to the smartPAD as option packages.

More secure planning with the user interface

For the user, preconfigured inline forms lead to safe operation of the editor on the computer. The graphical user interface displays input errors directly rather than simply detecting them when the robot controller is tested.

The UserTech interface offers universal application in combination with all technology packages, such as KUKA.ArcTech or KUKA.PalletTech.

Outstanding UX – the user interface makes it easy to create inline forms and status keys.

Further information about the intuitive user interface

Discover all the advantages and technical functions of the KUKA.UserTech user interface.

Excellent service from planning to maintenance

Our KUKA Service Team is available 24/7 for any questions about the user interface. They also provide support for planning, commissioning and maintenance as well as with the use of KUKA software involving KUKA.UserTech.