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The products from the KUKA.ArcTech family turn the KUKA robot into a welding robot. With the practical option packages, you can operate and program your welding application conveniently and intuitively while safeguarding quality.

The KUKA.ArcTech family has a modular design in order to flexibly provide the required functions for the welding task to be accomplished.

The product family includes the following software options: 

  • KUKA.ArcTech Basic
  • KUKA.ArcTech Advanced
  • KUKA.ArcSense
  • and KUKA.MultiLayer.


KUKA.ArcTech Basic software

KUKA.ArcTech Basic is the basic module of the product family. It comprises all the necessary functions to perform all standard welding tasks. It makes no difference whether the power source to be controlled is a MIG/MAG, TIG or plasma device.

Easy configuration of power sources

Preconfigured welding source profiles ensure high compatibility with all common power sources and enable uncomplicated integration. The flexible design enables control of power sources via job/program mode (setpoint values via program numbers) or characteristic/channel mode (setpoint values via several weld parameters).

The robot controller communicates with the power source via the field bus, e.g. the EtherCAT available as standard. With just a single mouse click, the holistic configuration is conveniently created with KUKA.WorkVisual and predefined configurations for power sources (e.g. for Binzel, ESAB, EWM, Fronius, Kemppi, Megmeet, Miller, Lincoln, Lorch and SKS). Optimize your configuration to meet your requirements by means of customized parameterization.

KUKA.ArcTech: integrated simplicity, performance and quality

  • Reaction to welding faults

    • Configurable fault strategies for:
      • − Ignition faults
      • − Seam faults
      • − Check for wire stuck to part at end of seam
    • Advanced Error Recovery enables automatic robot motion to a service position
    • PLC interface
  • Torch collision / TCP check

    • Collision monitoring and automatic system shutdown 
    • Integrated manual TCP check for quick and easy monitoring and correction of the TCP
    Learn more in the video
  • Online/offline optimization

    • Weld parameter management
    • Robot TCP velocity
    • Weave parameters
    • Mirroring of welding programs on external axes

KUKA.ArcTech welding software is modular in structure and can be adapted to your needs.

The option packages offer a wide range of functions to allow for easy operation of arc welding processes as well as efficient and fast programming. This enables targeted implementation of a broad variety of requirements for the arc welding process.

Simple teaching and manual guidance of welding robots 

Learn more about the intuitive control package KUKA ready2_pilot