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Robotics on the ear: podcasts from the KUKA world

Whether audio books, interviews or reports for the ear: audio pieces are becoming increasingly popular and allow listeners to delve deep into unfamiliar topics in a comfortable and entertaining way. There are also great contributions on the topics of robotics, artificial intelligence and automation. Here we present some of the most exciting podcasts featuring KUKA experts.

Carolin Hort
August 29, 2023
Reading Time: 1 min.

AI Unplugged: Robots on their way to world domination? (German)

Whether in the automotive industry, in households or in medicine: robots are used everywhere. More complex algorithms allow robotics to overcome new hurdles and penetrate into new areas. However, robots are not (yet) firmly integrated into the everyday life of Germans. In an interview with AI expert Erik Pfannmöller, Dr. Rainer Bischoff, Head of KUKA Group Research, explains the status quo in robotics, what has been achieved and what still needs to be done.

Technology Revolution – The Future of Now: Jobs in the Factory of the Future: Who, What, Where, When, How Much? (English)

Perhaps the factory of the future will manage to leave behind the image of the dirty and dangerous construction site. In any case, a creative approach to problem solving and unconventional thinking is the key to acceptance of new technologies. What will the jobs in the factory of the future look like? Bonnie D. Graham interviews Gerd Hoppe from Beckhoff, Dr. Christian Liedtke from KUKA, Rakesh Gandhi and Nils Herzberg from SAP about the jobs in the factory of the future.

And finally, a podcast by US KUKA colleagues takes us deep into the world of robotics. From medical robotics to robots and industrial partnerships, the audience will learn exciting facts about automation and innovation from KUKA experts. It’s worth listening.

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Source Header picture: Getty/smartboy10

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