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Swisslog and KUKA automate flow of goods in Saudi Arabian logistics centre

With several finished goods warehouses on a pallet basis as well as a fully automatic order picking and goods distribution center, Swisslog ensures more efficiency at the Saudi food company Almarai. In its new logistics center, three KUKA systems are commissioned, which order customer pallets at six stations.

September 13, 2017

Individual logistics solutions for the food industry

Almarai is organizing the complete distribution logistics in its largest plant in Al Kharj. The necessary intralogistics systems will be implemented by Swisslog in the next months. "With our automation solutions and the powerful network we have a tailor-made answer to all the requirements of our customers from the Middle East," says Urs Hofer, Project Manager at Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions.

Automation with bundled know-how from Swisslog and KUKA

Swisslog is supported by the experts of KUKA Industries. The company shows its expertise in conception, planning and implementation of robot-based cells. In addition to Swisslog solutions such as shelf operating units, automatic reefer loading systems, electric hoeway systems (monorails) or conveyor systems, an automatic order picking module from KUKA is also used. All pallets containing one type of article are packaged in the KUKA systems on shipping pallets, the completed order picking customer pallets are conveyed automatically. Almarai benefits from faster processes, higher throughput and lower costs with the automation of the flow of goods.
Using a vacuum gripper, the KUKA robot picks up the layers of fruit juice cartons and places it into a specified position in the buffer area.