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KUKA and VINCI Energies Deutschland begin cooperation

KUKA and VINCI Energies in Germany intend to collaborate in the development and implementation of digital services as well as applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

November 8, 2017

Based on the IIoT platform from KUKA, the VINCI Energies brands for ICT and industry – Axians and Actemium – will implement holistic Industrie 4.0 solutions from design to system integration. Through this cooperation, KUKA and VINCI Energies aim to offer tailor-made solutions to meet the growing demand from manufacturing companies for data-driven process optimization.

The target markets of VINCI Energies and KUKA complement each other perfectly – thus making it possible to develop cross-industry solutions. With the collaboration, KUKA is also purposefully expanding the programming scalability of IIoT microservices from its internal platform provider, connyun. For integrators such as Actemium, there is also the possibility of offering additional services and options based on Industrie 4.0 technologies – both for new concepts as well as for the overall existing systems area. Thanks to the partnership, these services will be precisely tailored to the requirements of the individual focus markets.

KUKA has been working with integrators for many years. This enables it to offer optimal, custom-tailored automation solutions to its customers. The cooperation with VINCI Energies Deutschland allows us to expand our portfolio for the Industrial Internet of Things. The cooperation is an important component in the IIoT ecosystem – and, ultimately, the customer profits from this.

Dr. Christian Schlögel, Chief Technology Officer at KUKA

In early 2018, the IIoT platform from KUKA subsidiary connyun will be implemented in VINCI Energies new digital lab in Frankfurt am Main. A robot-based application will be used to illustrate optimization processes here. At the same time, robot and process data will be collected and analyzed in order to derive specific recommended actions for the structuring of processes. As a specialist for analytics & IIoT platforms, Axians is responsible for the architecture and development of the process-specific software modules and interfaces. By changing the variables, scenarios and principles can be determined for increasing efficiency across components. Actemium will be closely integrated into products, solutions and services from KUKA, and both parties will jointly use the digital lab for the demonstration of cross-industry application scenarios.

With the collaboration between KUKA and VINCI Energies Deutschland, we are triggering an additional innovation boost for Industrie 4.0 customers. As pioneers for the solutions of the future, we are jointly developing and adopting new approaches [...].

Dr. Bernhard Kirchmair, Chief Digital Officer at VINCI Energies Deutschland

Actemium, Axians and KUKA are thus expanding their portfolios with specific IIoT solutions to be used in their respective markets. A main focus is on the manufacturing sector. Besides Industrie 4.0 technologies, an upcoming step will push the enlargement of Actemium’s portfolio for robot-based automation. The strategic partnership is geared towards short and long-term synergies in order to establish the principle of a shared manufacturing ecosystem on the market.

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