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AMTS 2019: KUKA brings the most advanced technology in e-mobility and I 4.0

Shanghai, June 2019 – The 15th Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show (AMTS 2019) will take place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 3-6, 2019.

June 26, 2019

This year, we are pleased to bring our newest E-Drive assembly and test model line, prismatic cell module line, LBR iiwa for battery cell loading and inspection, KUKA Connect and Virtual Shadow system (digital twin).

The table tennis star, Timo Boll will also present himself as KUKA brand ambassador on our booth, which of course will bring a lot of heat to the stand. Over seven technical presentations are also expected by most of our visitors.

Table tennis star Timo Boll - KUKA brand ambassador

LBR iiwa will present cell loading and inspection work. The thickness, width, OCV and DCIR testing process of the prismatic cell need to be carried out during loading. Compared with the traditional solution, the LBR iiwa and the intelligent gripper are integrated together to complete the task of loading and testing with faster speed and less occupation space.

Leading Industry 4.0, KUKA continues to bring the cutting-edge technologies. The upgraded KUKA Connect will show benefits of the correct interconnection of industrial equipment and actively adapt to the factory management model of future industrial production.

LBR iiwa

By using a Virtual Shadow system in a real-production environment, it is possible to synchronize and trace any operation from robots in a virtual environment. Virtual Shadow system can be thought of as a virtual model of a production plant. This system can offer a deep dive in failure analysis and remote maintenance support to customer. By using this system, the customer can trace any manipulation in production and reuse the existing virtual model from commissioning phase. It offers a better understanding between real and virtual.

The automobile industry is undergoing some rapid changes in the way of Electrical, Intelligent, Networked, and Shared, which are often seen as “Four Modernizations of Automobile Industry”. KUKA's mature automation solutions will continuously support the major automakers to pave their way to a new round of competition.

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