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KUKA Automation for Woodworking Debuts in Multiple Booths at IWF

Advanced industrial solutions provider Eckhart and robotics integrators Robotic Solutions and AutomaTech Robotik will all spotlight automated woodworking production cells featuring KUKA Robotics automation at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta, August 23-26.

August 12, 2022

Eckhart’s FlexFinish cell features a KUKA collaborative robot that automates a labor-intensive sanding process while also improving the finish quality of metal, wood and plastic products. Designed for increased production speed and consistency, the Robotic Solutions cell will simulate a door processing line that uses two KUKA robots working together without human intervention. In multiple show booths, AutomaTech will highlight a KUKA AGILUS robot along with a robotic cell for dowel management and one for CNC machine nesting unloading, all using KUKA robots.


Offered as either a standard or custom solution, Eckhart’ FlexFinish cell featured in booth A10710 consists of a KUKA 6-axis robot with an electric sanding end-of-arm tool that provides adjustable speed and automatic grit changing. The robot is mounted to a downdraft bench with filtration that catches debris and accommodates workpieces measuring up to 35” x 19”.

FlexFinish is simple to configure and program for changing part needs. The robot’s feed drive allows operators to effortlessly teach the robot path by physically moving the robot arm to program sanding patterns. For versatility and mobility, the cell is easily moved to different locations, and the bench can be separated from the robot to repurpose it for other applications.

Robotic Solutions

At IWF booth A10931, the Robotic Solutions cell will demonstrate how automation improves operator ergonomics and productivity – reducing the need for extensive material handling and thus damage to expensive components such as doors. The two Kuka robots in the cell are a KR120 and KR150. One outfitted with an electrospindle mills the doors, while the second robot picks them up and stacks them when finished. The whole process runs continuously and autonomously.

AutomaTech Robotik

In its booth A10451, AutomaTech will spotlight a KUKA AGILUS robot waving the company’s logo flag along with footage of cells in operation at its customer facilities performing machine tending, end of line sandblasting and more.

At the Stiles booth B5034, a KUKA robot will feed parts into a dowel machine, turn them according to the number of required corners then place the finish parts on an exit conveyor. The cell puts out about 160 parts – mainly those doweled on two sides – per hour.

For unloading CNC machine nestings, the KUKA robot in the Biesse booth B7553 features vision technology to unload the contents of cut sheets as well as leftover usable remnants. The robot then places parts in the appropriate areas for further processes. For a second cell, the robot presents parts to a brush sander for edge sanding then places them onto a conveyor taking them to a Viet sander. Estimated output of the cell is 100 to 150 parts / 12 to 16 sheets an hour depending on CNC machine speed.