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KUKA Showcased CYBERTECH nano Robot in Parcel Picking Cell at ProMat 2023

In a bin-picking demonstration, KUKA Robotics showed the capability of its KR CYBERTECH Nano robot for efficiently extracting items from boxes/containers within a Technica cell during the ProMat 2023 manufacturing, distribution and supply chain equipment and systems show at McCormick Place in Chicago. The bin-picking cell as a solution fulfils industrial demand related to removing parts from containers or bins as well as bags, sacks, cartons, boxes and totes and features artificial vision to identify the parts to be removed and robotics for handling.

March 22, 2023

KUKA’s KR CYBERTECH nano product family of industrial robots are perfectly tailored to handle small components, providing maximum application diversity for greater economical flexibility with minimum investment and energy costs. The robots offer a repeatability of 0.04 mm and deliver maximum strength even at high speed.
For previously inaccessible workspaces, KR CYBERTECH nano robots cover long distances with extremely large workspaces to the rear and long downward reaches. With a minimal interference radius, the KR CYBERTECH nano robots have one of the smallest in-line wrists in their class. This enables them to work in positions that are inaccessible for other robots.
The demonstration cell was also equipped with a 3D camera and Mech-Mind 3D vision system for recognizing randomly situated materials, even those with dark or reflective surfaces and complex structures. Once an object has been identified and selected, the trajectory planning system governs robot movements and provides the orientation required to remove the object without colliding against the walls of a container or other nearby elements.

The bin-picking solution is an ideal fit for processes requiring a repetitive and rapid extraction of elements from boxes or containers that will be subsequently processed and packaged. Such is the case of the logistics business with the machines used for envelope, parcels and carton movement.

Technica is able to supply and integrate turnkey vision guided robotic solutions based on its solid experience in both fields and strong partnership with KUKA and Mech-Mind.

As with all KUKA automation solutions, those that were shown at Promat 2023 are backed by the company’s expert service and support for training, complete system engineering and simulation, readily available spare parts, robot refurbishment and more. All of which are easily accessible through the site, and KUKA maintains corporate offices and production operations, along with integration partner facilities, conveniently located throughout North America to provide responsive customer service and support.