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A stock image showing a globe and a landscape representing decarbonization.


We are facing a massive upheaval! In order to drive forward the energy transition, we need to break new ground and tackle an overarching transformation. Let's all work together to play an important part in this.

The next industrial revolution

To take the energy transition to the next level, we need to move away from fossil building materials across all industries and use renewable energy sources instead. The key word here is decarbonization. It describes the process that leads to fewer CO2 emissions and ultimately to a COneutral economy. Electromobility is just the tip of the iceberg and can only do its part to protect the climate if it uses renewable energy sources. And even then, it is just one of many components of the strategy on the road to CO2 neutrality.

White paper: Decarbonization

On the path to net zero. Why is this so important? Quite simply because it's about our future and that of future generations. The path to net zero is still a long one and is influenced by many different factors.
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Find out here what these are and why KUKA is your perfect partner:

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Good reasons for working with KUKA

Change cannot succeed alone. Together, however, it can. KUKA brings to the table what is crucial for successful cooperation on the path to one's own climate strategy. In order to integrate green technologies and sustainable system solutions in the company, it is important to work with the right partner. With more than 125 years of experience, we plan and implement suitable concepts for your applications. From the initial idea to the final commissioning and service over many years, we are at your side.
  • Focus on technologies and industries

    We always keep an eye on both current tasks and topics that will be relevant in the future, such as e-drive technology, batteries, fuel cells or automated modular house construction, in all our activities and innovations.
  • Reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness

    In everything we do, we emphasize reliable and efficient products that are easy for our customers to operate. To this end, we develop appropriate concepts, provide training at our sites and develop the products so that they fit our customers' needs exactly.
  • Innovative and high-quality solutions

    We are continuously developing our solutions and are always working on new concepts and processes, such as support for DC networks. Quality, high reliability and a long service life are particularly important to us.
  • Competence and cooperation in partnership

    Both as a producer of automation products and manufacturing solutions and as a supplier of complete production systems, we work collaboratively to meet the challenges of our customers and involve all relevant innovators in the processes in order to find the perfect individual solution in the end.