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Semiconductor Cleanroom Automation for Higher Yields and Reliability

Look to KUKA for end-to-end automation in electronics fabrication

Round-the-clock fabrication in ultra-clean environments exceeding that of medical operating rooms with little to no margin for error presents vast challenges for electronic component manufacturers. In a market where even the slightest mistakes can have long lasting negative impacts, an automation partner with industry leading solutions is necessary.
LBR iiwa CR cobot, particularly suited for handling sensitive substrates due to its position and compliance control.
KUKA low-particle and low-emission cleanroom variant robots, cobots and autonomous, omnidirectional mobile platforms are designed for the demands of manufacturing and safely handling highly sensitive microelectronic devices such as chips and semiconductors. Utilizing our experience and expertise, we can provide customized, application-specific automation packages for your unique fabrication requirements.

Next-level automation with KUKA robotics for cleanrooms

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