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KUKA ready2_grind

Powered by 3M, the KUKA ready2_grind is a pre-configured robot system designed to reduce the uncertainty and time associated with automating weld grinding applications.

Have you considered automating your weld grinding operations?

3M and KUKA have collaborated to develop the ready2_grind system that allows customers to take the guesswork out of automating their weld removal process. The KUKA ready2_grind combines the precision performance of a KUKA KR 60 robot with 3M Abrasives and process expertise to provide a pre-configured system that delivers consistent grinding for the repeatable results customers need.
3M and KUKA have partnered to develop unique solutions for robot-based automation in the abrasives industry.

Robotic grinding with ready2_grind - the advantages

Provides the benefits of automation:

  • Higher productivity
  • More consistent / higher quality grinding


Reduces project risk:

  • Faster, lower-risk implementation
  • KUKA and 3M support


KUKA ready2_grind in motion

ready2_grind: all components at a glance

The ready2_grind system comes packaged with everything you need to get started and realize the benefits of automated weld grinding - including hardware, software and application support from KUKA and 3M.
KUKA ready2_grind components
  • 3MTM Abrasives Starter Pack

    ready2_grind 3M Abrasives Starter Kit

    Robotic grinding relies on consistent, long-lasting abrasive performance to meet your finish requirements. These starter kits are designed for use on carbon or stainless steel. Available in 4.5 in. and 7 in. diameters.

    Carbon Steel Kits include:

    • 3M Cubitron II Fibre Disc 982C, grades 36+, 60+ and 80+ - for weld removal
    • Scoth-Brite Light Grinding and Blending Discs - Heavy Duty and Super Duty
    • Associated back-up pads and hubs


    Stainless Steel Kits include:

    • 3M Cubitron II 987C, grades 36+, 60+ and 80+ - for weld removal
    • Scotch-Brite Light Blending and Grinding Discs - Heavy Duty and Super Duty
    • Associated back-up pads and hubs
  • 3MTM Active Compliant Force Tool

    ready2_grind 3M Active Compliant Force Tool
    This component give the KUKA ready2_grind its "human touch." It attaches to the robot's arm and provides active compliance to allow the Servo Rotary Tool and abrasive to maintain contact with the workpiece surface at a specific force or pressure.
  • 3MTM Servo Rotary Tool

    ready2_grind 3M Servo Rotary Tool

    The 3M Servo Rotary Tool is the motor that spins the abrasive discs. It can be programmed to select and maintain speeds to optimize abrasive performance.

    • Features an automatic tool changer
    • Available with 3 or 5 horsepower, depending on the size of the 3M Abrasive discs you need for your application
  • Application Engineering Support

    ready2_grind engineering support

    Along with the robot and accessories, the ready2_grind system includes application engineering support:

    • Two days for 3M application engineer support developing a proof-of-concept trial for the customer's part at the 3M CAM Center
    • Connections with KUKA and 3M's extensive community of trained system integrators, each backed up on-call service from KUKA's global field service team
    • KUKA Call Center for first level support
  • KUKA KR C4 Controllers

    ready2_grind KR C4 controllers
    The KR C4 control system is efficient and flexible and sustainably reduces your costs. Learn more about the KR C4 here.

    Learn more.

  • KUKA KR 60 robot

    ready2_grind KUKA KR 60 robot

    The robot's robust design enables it to operate reliably and accurately over long periods of time, making it the perfect fit for ready2_grind. With high stiffness to compensate for process forces, the dynamic, 6-axis robot comes with hardware features:

    • IP 65 protected (sealed from dust and water)
    • Dressed with all cables pre-routed and protected
    • KR C4 robot control panel with technology top-hat
    • EtherCAt I/O modules with cables
    • Software integrating all I/O and controls for the rotary spindle and active compliant force control unit
    • Miller Coolmate for water cooling of Servo Rotary Tool (not pictured)
  • Software included with the ready2_grind system

    ready2_grind software included

    The ready2_grind system comes with the following software included:


    • Process based programming
    • Tool includes settings for abrasive wear management
    • Graphical reminders for working directions
    • Active Compliant Tool speeds up teaching & holds programmed force and automatically adjusts for part height variations to make process more reliable


    Tool Change

    • Extends capabilities with standard BT-30 tool holders
    • One BT-30 spindle is supplied with the system
    • Single point teach setup
    • Integration of Active compliant Tool features
    • Automatic tracking of held tool


    Operation Status

    • Process status for easy monitoring
    • Full status of force control unit including force, position, programmed payload, and communication
    • Speed and status of servo rotary tool


    Manual Operation

    • Quick access to useful manual operations
    • Settings for force control and position of compliant tool
    • Run spindle & set RPM
    • Manual tool change



    • Ethernet communication with Active Compliant Tool
    • HMI Easy based user interface screens - integrators or customers can customize by adding screens
    • Easy setup and configuration
    • Pre-configured I/O setup for motor control and sensors

Industries and Applications

Industries using ready2_grind:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Casting
  • Metal Fabrication


Applications for ready2_grind:

  • Blending
  • Weld grinding
ready2_grind close up of part

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