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Webinars on Advanced Welding Solutions

First-class webinar special – tailored to your needs, conducted by experts, free of charge.

Webinars on special joining processes for e-mobility and the automotive industry

KUKA is one of the world market leaders in rotational friction welding with over 1300 installations in 44 countries under the KUKA and Thompson brands and the world market leader in magnetarc welding with over 200 installations in over 19 countries. With the industrialized entry into robot-based friction stir welding in 2014, KUKA is now also one of the world market leaders in this welding process, which has great future potential.

We offer a broad portfolio of standardised and customised machines and can produce a wide variety of parts for you in subcontract manufacturing according to worldwide standards.

Learn more about the many possibilities and advantages of KUKA Advanced Welding Solutions in this webinar special.

Learn from our experts, who can draw on over 50 years of knowledge, how KUKA can solve your future welding tasks even better and more economically.

Till Maier, Portfolio Manager Advanced Welding Solutions

Joining process friction welding

The pressure welding process of friction welding allows both identical and different materials such as aluminium and steel (lightweight construction), or aluminium and copper (e-mobility) to be joined.

You can produce high quality components such as:

  • Valves, drive shafts, axles, motor shafts
  • Turbochargers, piston rods, drill pipes, battery contacts

Joining process friction stir welding

Friction stir welding is the optimal joining process for non-ferrous metals with a low melting temperature and for mixed-metal combinations. With the rapid demand in the field of e-mobility for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, this process is also finding increasing application.

You can join for example:

  • Battery housing, die cast components, cooling systems
  • Power electronics housing, housing for cell phones or control panels

Joining process magnetarc welding

Magnetarc welding  is a pressure welding process with an arc that is moved magnetically under shielding gas. This technology can be used to join hollow sections with wall thicknesses of up to 10 millimeters.

This is suitable for:

  • Prop shafts, rear axles
  • Rotor shafts, pressure vessel
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