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Packaging and palletising robots from KUKA

KUKA offers a comprehensive range of palletising robots – for palletising, depalletising and packaging applications with payloads from 40 to 1,300 kilograms and reaches of up to 3,601 millimeters.

The new pace of palletising.

KUKA palletising robots offer an unrivaled variety of options.

High speed – with an extremely large work envelope, minimum interference contours and maximum robustness: KUKA palletising robots embody all that is needed for perfect robotic automation. As a leading manufacturer of palletising robots, we cover a payload range from 40 kg to 1,300 kg with an unparalleled variety of robots to offer efficient and flexible industry solutions.

All KUKA palletising machines are specially designed for demanding palletising and depalletising tasks. The result is short cycle times and increased throughput combined with low space requirements and high cost-effectiveness. 
All models have a specially designed robotic arm, the PC-based KR C5 robot controller and the KUKA smartPAD teach pendant.

Advantages of automatic palletising with KUKA industrial robots

  • High performance

    KUKA palletising robots impress with top performance in precision, speed, repeatability and dynamics for maximum output.
  • Versatile

    Different load capacities, ranges and special versions offer customers the right machine for every palletising task, no matter how demanding.
  • Compact

    The compact and slim design of the palletising robots facilitates integration into existing systems and enables innovative cell concepts.
  • Low maintenance

    The palletising robots' low-wear drive trains guarantee long maintenance intervals, high availability (99.995%) and maximum energy efficiency.

Maximum flexibility in the tightest of spaces for individual customer requirements

Palletiser in a fenceless environment

Palletising robots for heavy loads

High-speed palletising robot

Palletiser in the deep-freeze area

Palletising system for mixed palletising

Mobile palletising with Cobot

KUKA robot range for packaging and palletising.
The right specialist for every taste.

Cobot LBR iisy for fenceless palletising

Collaborative robot LBR iisy impresses with its low weight, extremely high speed, compact design and integrated sensors, but especially with its simple commissioning. Thanks to the innovative iiQKA.OS operating system, the LBR iisy cobot is easy to install, configure and program. The cobot is ideal for a wide range of palletising scenarios, be it single or multiple conveyor belts, pallets or racks.
Cobot LBR iisy moves quickly like a conventional industrial robot.

Speed robotic palletiser for medium payloads (KR 40 PA)

Our robots for the palletising of medium payloads (up to 40 kilograms) are very fast, reaching a top working speed of up to 56 cycles per minute. The palletising robots for medium payloads also stand out in terms of reach – and are thus perfectly suited to the precise stacking of europallets.


Find out more about the KR 40 PA and its capabilities.

Automatic palletiser stacks euro pallets faster than any other robot – up to a height of 1.8 meters.

Palletiser for high payloads (120-240 kg): KR QUANTEC PA

The KR QUANTEC PA are the fastest, most precise and most powerful robots in their class. The streamlined design and low weight enable maximum dynamic performance and unbeatable precision. The KR QUANTEC PA machines are thus perfectly suited to challenging palletising tasks with  load capasity from 120 to 240 kilograms and maximum reaches – including the Arctic version designed specially for use in cold-storage rooms. They can be used to stack multiple pallet handling to a great height effortlessly. KUKA also offers the palletising robot in a “Hygienic Oil” (HO) variant, which uses food-compatible NSF H1 lubricants  in all axes and the energy supply system. 

The palletiser of the KR QUANTEC PA family meets all of today’s automation requirements: minimized space requirements, shorter cycles, maximum availability and low operating costs. 

Robotic palletiser in the cold room: KR QUANTEC PA Arctic

Even the frostiest temperatures are no challenge for the Arctic version of the KR QUANTEC PA. The industrial robot palletises precisely and quickly even at temperatures as low as - 30 ° C and, with its resistance to cold, proves to be the only robot on the market that palletises completely without a protective cover and mechanical heating. In addition, it has an energy supply system up to the flange that is designed for extreme cold, making it the perfect robotic palletising solution for the food industry.
Proven robotic automation solution to palletise products inside cold room store. Perfect as the floor level palletiser or high-level palletiser

Robotic palletisers for heavy loads up to 700 kilograms

KUKA palletising machines for heavy loads can get to grips with far more. As well as their high  load capacity, combined with a reach of up to 3,150 millimeters, they stand out for their extremely high working speeds. They stack heavy payloads at high speed – with extremely long maintenance intervals.

The hollow-wrist design with its extra-large opening measuring an unbeatable 60 millimeters enables space-saving cell concepts. Discover our palletisers for heavy loads and their outstanding flexibility: KR 300-2 PA, KR 470-2 PA and KR 700 PA

When it comes to heavy loads, the KR 700 PA comes into its own – and stacks pallets higher than any other robot.

Robotics for heavy loads up to 1,300 kilograms (KR 1000 titan)

With the palletising robots of the KR 1000 titan series, you can lift the heaviest loads with ease. The KR titan PA is the world’s first robot for  load capasity of up to 1,300 kilograms – with unrestricted dynamic performance and short cycle times, it is the strongest palletising robot on the market. With their long reach and minimal disruptive contours, the strong palletising robots of the titan series open up additional workspace. 

Read how the KR 1000 titan lives up to its name.

The KR 1000 titan stacks the heaviest loads with utmost speed and maximum reach.