KUKA ready2_load

Create your own flexible loading center with the KUKA ready2_load! Our mobile platform is equipped with the LBR iiwa sensitive lightweight robot and grippers for loading tasks – ideal preconditions for automated loading processes.

ready2_load: loading station for Industrie 4.0

With the KUKA ready2_load package, you receive preconfigured modules for loading operations. The package consists of a mobile platform, the LBR iiwa lightweight robot and an end effector.

You can use it to implement a loading solution that meets the requirements of Industrie 4.0 and enables human-robot collaboration. In a selection of different pneumatic and electric grippers, you will always find the right one for your loading task.

KUKA ready2_load: your advantages

Integration into existing production systems

You can plan and implement systems with reduced engineering and start-up effort. With the ready2_load package, you receive preconfigured hardware components that can be integrated into your solution as a subsystem. Our pneumatic grippers can be selected and controlled easily using the drop-down menu in the supplied KUKASunrise.Gripper Toolbox. The KUKASunrise.Basic Toolbox additionally offers corresponding process expertise for the easy solution of typical pick-and-place tasks.

Increased productivity

You boost productivity by decoupling secondary tasks. Manual workstations can be spontaneously automated. The ready2_load package is also compact and mobile.

The KUKA ready2_load during loading

The KUKA ready2_load is used to load a friction welding machine in human-robot collaboration (HRC).

KUKA ready2_load: the components

The KUKA ready2_load package is a collection of preconfigured components that can be integrated into your production system easily and directly. The package consists of an LBR iiwa, the flexFELLOW platform and an end effector. Here is an overview of the basic modules and additional options. 
The KUKA ready2_load package is easy to integrate. The modular structure can be seen here.

End effector: sensitive and pneumatic grippers

The KUKA ready2_load package includes a gripper as the end effector. The grippers are designed to protect human operators: the rounded, edge-free form of the housing prevents injuries. The gripping force can optionally be limited to a maximum of 140 newtons.

  • With the KUKA LBR gripper sensitive R800, you can regulate the gripping force. Optional safety jaws ensure that the gripping force is limited to values that will not cause injury.
  • KUKA pneumatic LBR grippers in three variants:
    • Two-jaw parallel gripper, long stroke
    • Two-jaw parallel gripper, short stroke
    • Three-jaw centric gripper
  • KUKA 3D-printed pneumatic HRC grippers in two variants
    • Two-jaw gripper for internal/external gripping
    • Expansion gripper 

Have a look at our entire product portfolio of grippers. 

With our range of grippers, you always have the right robot fingers to hand for every loading and tending task. 

Robot: LBR iiwa

The sensitive lightweight robot is suitable for industrial applications and constitutes the main element of the package. The LBR iiwa enables collaboration between humans and robots even in confined spaces. The LBR iiwa is thus perfectly suited to loading solutions such as the KUKA ready2_load.

  • The LBR iiwa is available with two payload capacities: seven and 14 kilograms
  • All seven axes of the LBR iiwa are equipped with integral sensitive joint torque sensors. This enables contact detection and programmable compliance.

Find out more about the KUKA LBR iiwa.

The iiwa lightweight robot ensures precise loading.

Platform: flexFELLOW

The KUKA ready2_load package is based on the mobile flexFELLOW robot unit. The platform can be moved to its place of operation in a very short space of time. Manual and automated tasks are possible at the same time.

The base of the LBR iiwa is modular in design and can be configured to the specific requirements of your loading task. It consists of a function plate, an optional pneumatic unit, a base unit and a unit with fork slots and rollers for transport.

The flexFELLOW and the flexFELLOW-family open up a wide range of possibilities – find out more.

Its mobility makes the flexFELLOW platform ideal for loading tasks.

Additional components

Besides the mobile platform with the LBR iiwa and an end effector, the following components are included in the KUKA ready2_load package:

  • KUKA Sunrise.Gripper Toolbox: custom-tailored software for controlling our pneumatic grippers
  • Mounting plate on the flexFELLOW for installation of application-specific components
  • Stack lights for visualization of the system state
  • Service unit for power supply and network communication

Optional components

The ready2_load package can be expanded with:

The flexFELLOW can be further upgraded with mobile robot units. Combine the trolleys of the KUKA flexFELLOW-family to form a temporary, mobile overall system. This gives you an optimal solution for material feeding. Select from a range of support trolleys, drawers trolleys and material rack trolleys.

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