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LBR iiwa on tour in Germany

Human-robot collaboration (HRC) is playing an ever greater role in production. There are also other fields of application, however. For a project with Vodafone, an LBR iiwa is luring visitors into Vodafone stores in six cities and drawing selfies

June 30, 2016

LBR iiwa draws selfies of visitors of the Vodafone flagshipstore in Munich
The artist – the LBR iiwa – draws portraits of customers at Vodafone’s flagship store in Munich.
The first stop in this unusual project was the flagship Vodafone store at Marienplatz in Munich. To highlight technological trends such as digitization and “SmartHome”, the company teamed up with Huawei from 16 to 18 June 2016 and installed a KUKA robot of type LBR iiwa in the sales showroom. Visitors to the store had the opportunity to request a selfie drawn by the robot. In the coming weeks, the robot will be appearing in a further five cities.

LBR iiwa – the lightweight robot artist

If the customer wishes to have a portrait drawn by the robot, a Huawei P9 first takes a picture and forwards it to a computer. There, a software package specially developed by KUKA and Vodafone converts the image into a vector graphic. The data are then transferred to the LBR iiwa. Using the vector graphic, the robot starts to draw. The amazing thing is that the robot decides for itself where to place the lines. After about ten minutes, the robot is finished with the drawing and the visitor can take the special souvenir away.

The tour dates and venues for the LBR iiwa are as follows:

  • 16.06. – 18.06. Munich, Marienplatz 25
  • 23.06. – 25.06.  Hamburg, Jungfernstieg 14
  • 30.06. – 03.07.  Dortmund, Westenhellweg 52
  • 07.07. – 09.07.  Düsseldorf, Flinger Straße 40
  • 14.07. – 16.07. Cologne, Schildergasse 69-73
  • 21.07. – 23.07. Frankfurt, Zeil 85