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Small KUKA robot performs welding task in confined space

In the “Welding To Go” (WTG) 1200 cell, a KUKA KR 6 R700 sixx robot from the KR AGILUS series reliably performs welding tasks. The mini robotic cell was developed by integrator Paul von der Bank GmbH. Since October 2015, it has been in use at the main plant of Brüninghaus & Dissner GmbH, a long-standing technology partner from the automotive industry.

Smallest robotic cell for arc welding tasks

With the same dimensions as a Euro pallet – 1200x800 mm – the WTG 1200 cell is the smallest robotic cell on the market for arc welding tasks. Depending on the specific requirements of the customer, the optimum small robot from the KR AGILUS series can be deployed in the cell. This flexibility is made possible by the open operating system and the highly extensible programming environment.

The compact design with integrated PLC and the fully programmed interface for power sources, clamping sequences and safety equipment make our mini robotic cell flexible, powerful and affordable.

Cornelia Hornemann, product launch, project management and production planning, Paul von der Bank GmbH

KR AGILUS facilitates high working speeds

The company Brüninghaus & Drissner GmbH is also reaping the benefits of these assets. Implemented in their cell, for example, is a KR 6 R700 sixx with a payload capacity of 6 kg and a reach of approximately 706 millimeters. The robots of the KR AGILUS series are systematically designed for particularly high working speeds. The sliding doors of the WTG 1200 can be opened automatically or manually. The operator is then able to place the components in the welding fixture. The small robot commences the welding process as soon as the door is closed.
 the smallest robotic cell on the market for arc welding
In the confined space of the WTG 1200 cell from integrator Paul von der Bank, a robot from the KUKA KR AGILUS series reliably performs welding tasks.

Robotic welding cell improves level of productivity and quality

 “At our plant, the WTG 1200 works reliably in 3-shift operation,” explains Markus Nickolai, Head of Production at Brüninghaus & Drissner. It is now possible for the operator to manually prepare the next components during the automated production process. The mini robotic cell has thus paved the way for significant productivity gains of up to 50 percent. That is not all, however: thanks to the repeatability of the small robot, the quality of the weld seams has also improved noticeably.
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