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Flooding Superior

Thanks to quick help: Superior can produce after floods

When the west of Germany was hit by heavy rains in mid-July, huge masses of water flooded into Hall 1 of Superior Industries in Werdohl, North Rhine-Westphalia, which manufactures premium car wheels. Within one afternoon, the majority of the technology was destroyed, including ten robots in production. Just four weeks later, the company is back in full production. This was possible thanks to quick help from KUKA and a show of strength from the integrator KehraTec.

August 24, 2021

Flood destroys large parts of the paint shop

Four fire trucks, two large pumps and several barriers made of sandbags were unable to do anything against the masses of water that hit the factory premises of Superior Industries in Werdohl in North Rhine-Westphalia on July 14. Within a very short time, the water stood a good one meter high in Hall 1, where the company's paint shop is located. "The entire conveyor system, ovens, control cabinets and ten robots were in the water," recalls Frank Schneider, project manager at Superior Industries. But thanks to KUKA's help, the company is able to resume production as usual just four weeks after the severe flooding. "A small miracle was performed," says Schneider.
Flooding Superior Industries
The muddy water stood higher than one meter at times in Superior's paint shop. © Superior

KUKA system partner KehraTec involves whole workflow

Superior Industries was supported by Carsten Kehr, Managing Director of KUKA system partner KehraTec, who immediately contacted KUKA. "We made every effort on Superior's behalf to ensure that new robots were delivered quickly," he explains. Within 14 days, KUKA delivered ten robots: nine KR QUANTEC and one KR CYBERTECH. Commissioning then took place after another week. All 35 KehraTec employees were in action - even on weekends. "This was an open-heart operation in which there was not a moment of doubt," says Kehr. Since Monday morning, August 16, just over a month after the flood, Superior Industries has been producing at full speed again.

Superior Industries produces premium aluminum wheels

KUKA's rapid assistance was essential for Superior Industries. The manufacturer of premium aluminum wheels was already in the process of building a second painting system before the flood. "However, the new system will not go into operation until early 2022, therefore there was no alternative to continue production," says project manager Schneider. One reason why KUKA's help at short notice worked so well is obvious to Schneider: "We've been relying on technology from KUKA for years, and we appreciate the good cooperation with KehraTec, whose team helped us quickly and without complications." KUKA robots will also be used in the new painting system.
The robots were also surprised by the flood in the middle of production. © Superior