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Intuitive control of KUKA robots

Regarded as a specialist in the field of special-machine engineering, Very Important Product Maschinenvertriebs GmbH is offering its customers a new Navigator for robots. Operators can use it to guide any KUKA robot intuitively through a workspace by hand and with no prior knowledge.

Wireless guidance of robots by hand

“With our Navigator, an operator can manually move any KUKA robot connected to a KR C4 controller,” explains Alexander Kuhn, Managing Partner of VIP GmbH. “It is also possible to create programs quickly and easily,” adds Hubert Schill from Toolmotion GmbH, the company that played a key role in developing the Navigator. Pressing a button on the Navigator saves the desired movements. The software provided for this records individual points or entire motion paths.

Fields of activity of KUKA robots extended

This simple operator control, which requires no knowledge of the coordinates of a robot, increases productivity by saving time and helps to avoid errors through intuitive manual guidance. The fields of activity of robots can be extended, and robots can be used as handling tools for lifting heavy loads. Using the Navigator button they can be guided to the desired place where the next operation is to be performed. “This relieves the stress on employees and helps maintain their performance capacity in the longer term,” observes Kuhn. In addition, thanks to the wireless robot control package, robots can now be deployed in areas where they have not found much use until now. The solution is also very flexible. The socket into which the Navigator is plugged can be attached at any desired position on the robot tool. “The socket coordinates are calculated with the mastering sensor and connection to the robot controller is wireless, meaning that no disturbing cables have to be used. The enabling switch in T1 mode ensures safety at all times,” states Schill.
With the Navigator from VIP GmbH, the operator can move any KUKA robot connected to a KR C4 controller by hand.

Easy use and simple touch-up of positions make the Navigator for KUKA robots a unique product with great customer benefits.

Hubert Schill, co-founder of Toolmotion GmbH
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