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The software serves as an interface for communication between the industrial robot and its sensor system and enables the programming of sophisticated sensor applications in a simple, universal and effective manner.

RobotSensorInterface simplifies challenging sensor applications

KUKA.RobotSensorInterface (RSI) is a software technology package for implementing applications that require cyclical signal processing as well as high-performance, cyclical influence over the robot motion, including grinding, polishing, deburring and much more. The RSI technology package includes both the engineering tools needed to develop the application and the software components required for application start-up and execution and for controlling the industrial robot.

RSIVisual editor – Effortless graphical programming

The RSIVisual graphical editor makes it very easy to program the signal processing of a sensitive application. The cyclical measured values of connected sensors can be read and processed further via the RSI objects from the RSI toolbox. The result can be used to influence the robot motion. The editor has a wide range of functions, including:

  • Creation of user-defined function blocks

  • Implementation of any desired functionality

  • Complete programming via RSIVisual integrated into WorkVisual engineering suite

  • Toolbox with over 75 RSI objects for graphical programming



With a distance sensor on the robot flange, for example, a desired distance from a component surface can be maintained independently of the programmed path.

Trouble-free integration and easy overview of your complex applications – your advantages:

  • Simple integration

    • No programming knowledge required
    • Simple graphical programming via RSIVisual
    • Control via the KUKA smartPAD
    • Provision of program examples

  • Broad spectrum of applications

    • Works with nearly all KUKA robots and external axes
    • Seamless integration with KUKA.ForceTorqueControl in RSI applications
    • Can also be used in assembly line production

  • Best-in-class performance

    • Real-time processing within 4 ms

    • Multi-functional interface

    • Seamless integration into KUKA.WorkVisual


We have all your requirements covered

The integration of KUKA.RobotSensorInterface vastly expands the range of applications of your industrial robot. From handling to assembly and on to inspection, your industrial robot can be used in almost any application.


Grinding & deburring

Precisely tailored deburring and grinding of components


Control of the robot with a joystick


Seam tracking based on the data from the welding process


Force-controlled joining of components


Measurement of applied force and control of robot path in real time

Testing & inspection

Tactile testing is very useful for various types of products: seats, steering wheels, switches, levers and buttons

Data transmission

Real-time transmission of data from the robot and the application to an external system

Create your own sensor “app”!

Leverage your know-how for process solutions as well as KUKA.RobotSensorInterface in conjunction with the KUKA.WorkVisual engineering suite and KUKA.OptionPackageEditor. Then offer your solution to your customers as a fully-fledged KUKA “app”. 

Get to know RSI!

We offer training courses at KUKA College to deepen your knowledge and take advantage of the versatility of the robot sensor interface.

All important information always at hand for you

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