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KUKA Innovation Award 2022: Danish team ROPCA wins the „Robotics in Healthcare Challenge”

Arthritis examinations with robotics support: a young team of researchers from Den-mark has won the "Robotics in Healthcare Challenge" with this innovative concept.

16 novembre 2022

Five teams presented their ideas for the healthcare of the future to a trade fair audience from all over the world directly at the KUKA booth at the leading medical trade fair MEDICA. An international jury of experts then selected the winner of the innovation competition, which is endowed with €20,000.

These are the winners of the KUKA Innovation Award 2022

The Danish team ROPCA has a vision to develop a variety of application platforms for robots to help clinics increase the productivity and quality of their daily work. The first product is ARTHUR – an ARTHritis Ultrasound Robot. The application consists of an automated ultrasound platform for the examination of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The patient can interact directly with the platform and the physician saves time in consulting the patient, as the ultrasound images for diagnosis are already available.

They celebrate the victory: The Danish team ROPCA wins the KUKA Innovation Award 2022.

Innovative ideas für the helthcare of tomorrow

This year, the KUKA Innovation Award was all about medicine and healthcare. Under the motto "Robotics in Healthcare Challenge", talented individuals from the robotics community submitted their ideas and concepts over the past few months. An international jury of robotics and medtech experts, including Joe Mullings, selected the five finalists. In the next step, they implemented their ideas with a KUKA LBR Med  the first collaborative robot specifically certified for integration into a medical device. For this, the teams were provided with the KUKA robot and a vision system from Munich-based Roboception free of charge, and also received training on the hardware and software, as well as coaching from KUKA experts throughout the competition.

Technology meets talent

New technologies around robotics, automation, AI and co are changing the way we live and work in all areas - from industry to medicine and healthcare. How can we prepare future generations for this new world and promote talent? This is what KUKA is addressing under the motto #TechmeetsTalent. 

More and more people will come into contact with digitization and automation in their jobs.

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