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Angela Steinecker new member of KUKA Supervisory Board

Change on the KUKA Supervisory Board: Angela Steinecker succeeds Michael Leppek as representative of IG Metall, who has resigned his seat.

6 luglio 2022

Angela Steinecker is a new member of the KUKA Supervisory Board, effective June 29, 2022. The 44-year-old native of Augsburg is 2nd Authorized Representative and Managing Director of IG Metall Augsburg. A lawyer by training, she worked for various law firms before joining IG Metall in 2015. For six years, Angela Steinecker was active as a city councilor in Augsburg. She also held several positions on supervisory boards in the region and, since this year, has also been a representative on the supervisory board of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. Michael Leppek, who sat on the KUKA Supervisory Board for IG Metall for nine years, has resigned from his position due to a change in career as of June 15, 2022.

Angela Steinecker is a new member of the KUKA Supervisory Board.

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