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KUKA Robot in the Deutsches Museum Nürnberg

The "Work and Everyday Life" topic area is dedicated to robotics, artificial intelligence, social media and the Internet of Things

23 settembre 2021

Right on the first floor of the Museum of the Future, a KUKA LBR iiwa is the centerpiece of an exhibit that deals with the topic of "machine learning," a subfield of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is an approach in which algorithms attempt to independently learn relationships and rules or patterns from data. The more comparable information there is, the better the results. In addition to this background information, visitors will be asked two questions in particular: What will the machine be allowed to decide for itself in the future? And: In which areas of life do we want to use robots and artificial intelligence - and in which ones not?

Man vs. Machine: Competing on the Hot Wire

The special feature of the robot exhibit is that the lightweight robot is sensitive. Visitors can therefore touch it directly, guide it by hand and thus virtually work together with the robot. But it is also possible to compete against the AI robot. The task: Who can guide the robot along the hot wire with fewer touches - the human or the artificial intelligence running in the background of the machine?

A KUKA robot is part of an exhibit on machine learning. © Deutsches Museum, Stephanie Recknagel

KUKA Robots in Architecture

An exhibit from the University of Stuttgart shows how KUKA robots are being used in architecture. The bionic "canopy" is an impressive example of the increasing influence of robotics in architecture. Its individual modules were defined by an algorithm, manufactured with the help of a KUKA robot and realized by a team from the University of Stuttgart. After its premiere at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the pavilion has already been seen in other public places and is now part of the Museum of the Future.

The Motto of the Exhibition: Science or Fiction

The exhibitions of the Future Museum cover an area of 2,900 square meters and five thematic fields:  They begin in the personal living environment of the individual with "Work and Everyday Life" and "Body and Mind," then broaden the perspective to include the "System City" and the "System Earth," and finally end with mankind's dream of traveling through "Space and Time." In addition to objects from science and research, there are also science fiction elements on display, reflecting the entire range of possible expectations - from fears of the future to dreams of the future. The motto of the permanent exhibition is "Science or Fiction”.

The Deutsches Museum Nuremberg was built on a formerly fallow site in the middle of the city. © Deutsches Museum, Thomas Langer