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Diversity Management: KUKA Headquater

Diversity Management for a strong team

Benefiting from and furthering the diversity of our employees is an important cornerstone of the success of our company. It is a source of creativity and innovation.

Diversity as a success factor

KUKA benefits from a variety of experiences and talents. It is our corporate culture to live and promote diversity. The appreciation of our diversity has a positive effect on KUKA as a company, on how we deal with our customers and on our role in society.

Our aim is to create a work environment that is characterized by acceptance and tolerance and is free of prejudice. Equality also means that our compensation system makes no distinction between men and women. KUKA thus pays its employees based solely on performance and expertise.

Diversity Management: Colleagues at work
Our declared goal: to further increase the share of women at KUKA

Diversity Management

Diversity is governed - among other things - by the Group guideline “Principles of cooperation within KUKA Group” which is part of the Corporate Compliance Handbook. One of these principles is “diversity and appreciation”. 

In 2018, as part of diversity management, a new reporting system was introduced, which now enables national and international analyses based on gender, nationality and age at any time. These figures are regularly evaluated and provided to management.

Diversity Management: KUKA Entrance
Diversity is a source of creativity and promotes innovation.

In a market such as ours that encompasses so many countries, industries and areas, a diverse team is an important success factor for the company.

Peter Mohnen, CEO KUKA AG

Diversity Charter

Intercultural understanding, tolerance and acceptance have a high priority in a global company like KUKA with locations and business partners all over the world.

Equal opportunities and gender diversity also play an important role at KUKA. Employees should find an environment free of prejudice with attractive working conditions and professional development opportunities - regardless of their origin, age, gender, sexual orientation or worldview.

By signing the Diversity Charter, KUKA has officially committed itself to these values.

KUKA has signed the Charta der Vielfalt.
Appreciation, equal opportunities and tolerance: KUKA supports and promotes the values of the Diversity Charter.

More female employees

Within the scope of diversity management, KUKA is working on further increasing the number of women in the workforce and in leadership positions.

Worldwide, the general share of women in KUKA Group was 19 percent in 2019 (VDMA Benchmark 2017: 16,5 percent). Globally, at the first management level below the Executive Board and Management Boards the share is 19 percent. On the second level it is 17 percent.

The share of female apprentices for commercial-technical professions at KUKA dropped slightly in 2019 to 13 percent after many years of above-average numbers. Overall, we had fewer applicants than in the previous year. With our annual events such as participation in Girls’ Day and with work experience placements for girls, practical days, robot days and our cooperation with girls’ schools, our intention is to appeal to more female students to increase the number of women working in industrial automation.


Woman power at orangeWIN

The internal women’s network orangeWIN was founded in 2016 with the aim of promoting women in the company and identifying female talent. Events in various formats - for example business lunches on various inter-departmental topics - were held at four to six-week intervals during the reporting year. In addition to discussing technical topics, these events were also an opportunity to network.

In 2019, the women's network OrangeWIN organised eleven events with around 200 participants. In the USA, on World Women's Day on March 8th, a local branch of the women's network was founded and the vision, mission and values were jointly defined.  Three local events took place in 2019 with a total of around 130 participants.

The in-house mentoring program organized by orangeWIN is used to regularly exchange information between people with different levels of experience. It also facilitates the further development of skills and strengths through self-reflection. Furthermore, it supports the professional and personal development of the participating employees. In 2019, 23 tandems (pairs of women) took part in the program; in 2018 that number was 18.

External networks

The orangeWIN network is also well regarded outside of KUKA. In 2018, for example, orangeWIN was promoted at the “BayernMentoringProfessional” program for female students of the STEM faculties, which was presented at the Kempten University of Applied Sciences.

KUKA is also active in external networks, such as the "Women in Network" (WIN) corporate women's network from Munich and the surrounding area. These currently include 17 companies, whose representatives meet once a quarter. KUKA is also involved in a network with other Augsburg companies from various industries.

In addition, KUKA has been participating in the Augsburg cross-mentoring program since 2011. This program supports young managers with their professional and personal development and is designed as a company-wide cross-mentoring program. KUKA is also involved in the mentoring partnership MigraNet, which is committed to the professional integration of people with a migrant background.



Work/life balance

We allow our employees to take advantage of flexible working time models such as part-time work or telecommuting. In this way, we enable you to forge your own career without your private life suffering as a result.

KUKA opened its own daycare facility for children at its headquarters in Augsburg in November 2013. The Orange Care e.V. association initiated by KUKA staff members also promotes assistance for young people and families.

For KUKA it is important that employees stay healthy, and we promote the slogan "Fit for KUKA". For this reason, KUKA offers the opportunity to maintain a balance between working life and private life. For example, it is possible to take advantage of courses on topics such as nutrition and relaxation, or to take part in activities such as running groups, tennis or mountain biking.

Since 2013, children have been well looked after in the company-owned Kita Orange Care.

Facts and figures on diversity

Facts and figures on diversity

The data refer to the KUKA Group worldwide (as of 31.12.2019).


Proportion of women (General)                                                                                                                                 

19 %

Proportion of women (Supervisory Board)           

33 %

Proportion of women (1st management level*)

*describes first management level below the Executive Board and Management Boards

19 %

Proportion of women (2nd management level**)

**describes second management level below the Executive Board and Management Boards

17 %



Average age         




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