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KUKA as an employer in Germany

As one of the world's leading suppliers of automation solutions for industry, KUKA offers jobs in a total of six attractive German cities in various areas of the company.

Discover an insight into our locations in Germany

  • Augsburg

    Das Unternehmen KUKA - ETZ Luftaufnahme

    KUKA was founded in 1898 by Johan Josef Keller and Joseph Knappich as an acetylene gas plant in the Fugger town Augsburg. As the first KUKA location, there is a wide range of career and further education opportunities, training and service offers here. The Augsburg location currently employs 3,500 people, making it the largest site in the world.


    KUKA offers in Augsburg:


    As an employee in Augsburg, you will benefit from the following offers, among others:

    • Flexible working hours
    • Cafeteria and canteen
    • Mobile working
    • Kindergarden Orange Care
    • Attractive special payments
  • Brunswick

    Building of the Brunswick KUKA location
    KUKA Building Brunswick

    Braunschweig is the second largest city in Lower Saxony with approximately 250,000 inhabitants. The offices were opened in 2015. Approximately 70 employees are assigned to this location. We mainly serve our customers in northern Germany from here. In addition, numerous seminars from our programme are offered at KUKA College, as well as service deployment planning, application programming, customer service sales and customer service inside sales.

    The Braunschweig site offers the following jobs:

    • Trainer Robotics (m/f/d)
    • Service engineers (m/f/d)
    • Application Engineers (m/f/d)
    • Inside Sales Consultants Customer Services (m/f/d)


    Benefits at the Braunschweig location

    • Light-flooded premises in an appealing ambience
    • Local caterer
    • Quiet company premises close to the city centre
    • Parking spaces in the immediate vicinity
    • Mobile working
    • Attractive special payments
  • Bremen

    Building of KUKA located in Bremen
    KUKA Assembly & Test GmbH in Bremen

    KUKA Assembly & Test GmbH in Bremen supplies assembly systems and test equipment worldwide for the automotive industry and its suppliers.

    With over 400 employees, we develop, plan, design and manufacture systems and automation equipment for the efficient assembly of series products such as engines, cylinder heads, transmissions, axles, brakes and steering systems, as well as the associated inspection and test equipment. Here, KUKA benefits from the long economic and commercial tradition of the Bremen location and the good industrial network.

    As an employee in Bremen, you will benefit from the structures and advantages provided by the KUKA Group. These include fair pay in accordance with an in-house collective agreement, social benefits and a dialogue-oriented culture. In addition to our diverse training programme, we offer interested applicants various positions in the technical and commercial fields.


    In Bremen, we also offer the following benefits:

    • Attractive special payments
    • Flat hierarchies
    • Flexible working hours
    • Mobile working
    • Support and compatibility of family & career
    • Innovative technology environment
    • Good transport connections


  • Hude-Wüsting

    Building of KUKA located in Hude Wuesting
    KUKA Building in Hüde-Wüsting

    In 2016, KUKA opened a subsidiary in the Lower Saxony municipality of Hude-Wüsting. The location employs nine people in sales.

    The Hude-Wüsting location offers jobs for the technical area (support) as well as the commercial area (internal and external sales).


    In Hude-Wüsting among other things,you will benefit from:

    • Mobile working
    • Flexible working hours
    • Free parking spaces directly in front of the building
    • Good transport connections
    • Attractive special payments
  • Siegen

    KUKA building located in Siegen, Germany
    KUKA Building in Siegen

    Siegen, a university town and one of the greenest cities in Germany. We moved into our offices here in 2015. The premises for approx. 65-68 employees are located on around 2,000 square meters, as are the KUKA College and our showroom. Technical customer and employee training courses as well as regular customer events take place at this location. Our areas of operation include service scheduling, application programming, customer service sales, customer service inside sales and sales consulting and demonstration.


    At this location we offer jobs for:

    • Trainer Robotics (m/f/d)
    • Service Technicians (m/f/d)
    • Application Engineers (m/f/d)
    • Sales Manager (m/f/d)
    • Inside Sales Manager (m/f/d)
    • Sales Engineers (m/f/d)


    At the Siegen location you will benefit from the following advantages:

    • Modern spacious offices in a quiet location
    • Local caterer
    • Free parking spaces directly at the building
    • Direct access to the motorway (A45)
    • Metropolitan area (Frankfurt, Ruhr area, Sauerland, ...)
    • Showroom / technology location
    • Mobile working
    • Attractive special payments
  • Wolfsburg

    KUKA building located in Wolfsburg, Germany
    KUKA Building Wolfsburg

    Wolfsburg, headquarters of the Volkswagen Group. We are also represented directly on the VW factory premises with the KUKA College, Technical Sales Support VW and Key Account VW. Furthermore, we operate a small warehouse there in order to be able to ensure VW's short-term spare parts supply. Direct contact with our largest customer is important to us. The main areas of the location include technical customer and employee training, application programming, customer service inside sales, VW-specific technology development and consulting, key account manager and spare parts handling.


    The Wolfsburg location offers the following jobs:

    • Trainer Robotics (m/f/d)
    • Service Technicians (m/f/d)
    • Application Engineers (m/f/d)
    • Support Engineer (m/f/d)
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Career prospects for all!

KUKA offers career opportunities with future prospects and challenges for experienced professionals, students, pupils (m/f/d) and graduates. Employees at KUKA are continuously promoted through training and further education and thus make a major contribution to the establishment of Industry 4.0.


Experienced professionals (m/f/d)

Experienced professionals from technical or commercial backgrounds have excellent career prospects at KUKA. Find out more about the qualifications required for experienced professionals here.

Training as an IT specialist for system integration: IT specialist at work
Bright prospects for experienced professionals at KUKA

Graduates (m/f/d)

As a graduate, you can become part of our international trainee programme. You will benefit from 18 months of training with a stay abroad. You will quickly take on responsibility and we will support you in your personal and professional development. Find out more about our offers for graduates here.
Graduates benefit from our trainee programme

Students (m/f/d)

Students at KUKA can already gain valuable experience for their future career through a student job, an internship or writing a thesis. We regularly offer final dissertations on the topic of Industry 4.0. Find out more about the offers for students here.
Gain valuable practical experience during your studies.

Pupils (m/f/d)

At KUKA, pupils have various opportunities to lay the foundation for their career. We offer students a trial internship, apprenticeships in the commercial and technical areas and dual study programs. In our state-of-the-art training centre, you will receive optimal support and learn all the important content for your career.

Find out more about our offers for pupils here.
Student internship at KUKA in Augsburg: In just one week, you will gain exciting impressions of products, processes and structures.
Apprenticeship or dual studies at KUKA