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SmartProduction_get connected Days 2017

Welcome to KUKA Smart Production_get connected! Thank you for your interest in our seminar on the topic of Industrie 4.0.

Many thanks for your numerous participation in the KUKA Get Connected Days 2017. The series of events is over for this year, but will be continued by KUKA College next year. The dates for this will be announced on our website. Learn first-hand about KUKA's Industry 4.0 approaches in these events - both in theory and in practice! We look forward to your participation next year.

Review of the seminars

SmartProduction_get connected Days 2017 – This event provided you with the chance to learn about the opportunities and risks of Industrie 4.0 and its impact on existing business models. To this end, we have invited numerous KUKA experts and partners from industry and research to address the topic from different perspectives.

To assist you in quickly advancing your own smart production, the seminar focused on the key methods and tools for paving the way from ideas to innovations. Benefit from our wide range of experience as a global automation powerhouse. During breaks and the evening event, you had the opportunity to talk to interesting people working in the field of Industrie 4.0

Georg von der Ropp
Partner Advisory BMI Lab AG / Managing Partner BMI Lab

“Innovative business models are required to tap the potential of Industrie 4.0 – greater customer benefits and long-term competitive advantages.”

Read more about Georg von der Ropp, Partner Advisory BMI Lab AG /Managing Partner BMI Lab.

Robert Kamischke|Vice President Business Unit Smart Production I4.0

“It is important to be able to identify with the customer, who is, after all, at the centre of our current industrial digitization. This must be based on an appropriate business case, and this comes into existence when added value is created.”

Read more about Robert Kamischke, Vice President Business Unit Smart Production I4.0.